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You can read last night's episode recap HERE.

So the girls are totally kicking the guys' asses. But I don't think it has anything to do with the girls' skills - I think it's due in part to how disorganized the men are. They don't communicate. And Ben is an idiot.

Last night's challenge was to create dishes for a Sweet 16 birthday party. And the birthday girl and her psycho mom got to choose the winners. The men won - only because the girl's mom made her change her mind at the last minute!! But hey, the men can't pick and choose at this point.

There were a couple of stand out performances last night.
1) The men's team for totally disregarding Matt. I don't entirely blame them for this, but they could have at least pretended.
2) Roseanne for not cooking steak. Is she not a cook?
3) Matt for serving dry fish to the birthday girl's mom. Fish live in water-therefore they are wet. Must have been pretty bad. LOL
4) Shayna was slow slow slow. She's methodical and she can cook, but at her own pace.

So that's why she went home. She couldn't keep up with Chef. And Matt has been placed on the red team. Poor Matt. Just go home already.

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What's up with Matty? He's such a goof! Ha!

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