The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian  

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Movie description from Yahoo! Movies: One year later, the Kings and Queens of Narnia find themselves back in that faraway wondrous realm, only to discover that more than 1,300 years have passed in Narnian time. During their absence, the Golden Age of Narnia has become extinct and Narnia has been conquered by the Telmarines and is now under the control of the evil King Miraz, who rules the land without mercy. The four children will soon meet a curious new character: Narnia's rightful heir to the throne, the young Prince Caspian, who has been forced into hiding, as his uncle Miraz plots to kill him in order to place his own newborn son on the throne. With the help of the kindly dwarf, a courageous talking mouse named Reepicheep, a badger named Trufflehunter and a Black Dwarf, Nikabrik, the Narnians--led by the mighty knights Peter and Caspian--embark on a remarkable journey to find Aslan, rescue Narnia from Miraz's tyrannical hold, and restore magic and glory to the land.
The Pevensie children are back, one year later in our time, 1300 years later in Narnia. Prince Caspian opens with Prince Caspian's aunt giving birth to a son. And Prince Caspian's uncle wants the throne of Narnia for himself and his newborn son, NOT Caspian. So he sends some guards to kill him, but with the help of his dear professor, Caspian escapes into the forest of Narnia. Caspian, who escaped via horseback, gets knocked off his horse and some Narnians with doubtful intentions find him right as he blows Susan's horn (remember from the first movie?) and passes out.

Back in England, the Pevensie children are dealing with the reality that they may never return to Narnia. Lucy of course has no doubt that they will return, but the older children are growing up, and losing that hope.

Just as they are waiting for the train, Caspian blows the horn back in Narnia and the train station disappears and the Pevensie's are back in Narnia. But not is all as they left it...

Ok - my thoughts: I really enjoyed Prince Caspian! The Narnians have been in hiding for hundreds of years and the Pevensies and Caspian are their only hope of freedom from persecution and tyranny. But they have their doubts - because their beloved kings and queens did abandon them. And where the hell is Aslan? Aslan has been gone for a long long time and only Lucy seems to believe in him anymore.
Prince Caspian is an interesting character to add to the mix. He's a young prince, the rightful heir to the throne of Narnia, and victim to his uncle's evil plans for domination. Telmarines took over Narnia and have been ruling ever since. They believe the Narnians are extinct and that that's a good thing, as they were savage creatures. But Prince Caspian, when he learns the truth about Narnians, that they are not extinct and they are not savage, is quick to change his tune and want to welcome the Narnians back into Narnia - when he's back on the throne. Which he needs Narnian help to accomplish.
Peter has issues with Caspian however. Because Peter used to be King Peter the Magnificent, so he's used to being in charge. And so is Caspian. So there were a few interesting scenes between these two young men. LOL There's also a corny romance between Caspian and Susan, but yeah, you'll see happens there. Edmund is not the brat he was from the first movie, and Lucy is still wonderful. I love her character.

Fans of the first movie are definitely going to like this latest installment. A solid B. The special effects are awesome too. It's all good.

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I am sure that I will be seeing this when it comes out! My 9 year old is already talking about it.

Joey asked me to watch this one with me. He's more into the movies than I am.

I never saw the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. But I loved the books, I'll have to check out the movies!

Marg-He'll like it! There are some really cute characters and my brothers sat still throughout the whole movie. :P

Isabel-Why? LOL Did you see the first one?

Mollie-I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you. LOL Just kidding. They're good. I like fantasy movies. And I haven't read the books. Oops.

Sounds good :D At first, i thought Caspian was Edwards, LOL :) I can't believe it's been 2.5 years since the first one came out...

This is one I really want to see. And how awful is it of me to think that Prince Caspian is one hot dude!

the makers of Prince Caspian kept to the original story in a lot of ways, but then strayed in others... i had heard they were going to make it into a silly pure-action flick, but thankfully this was not the case

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