Gossip Girl: All About My Brother  

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Episode Recap: Georgina informs Serena that she is prepared to reveal damaging information from Serena's past, but no one is prepared for what Georgina does next.

Blair and Jenny escalate their "popularity war" by spreading scandalous rumors about each other through Gossip Girl. Dan witnesses Jenny's new boyfriend, Asher, cheating on her, but Jenny refuses to listen to her brother's warning.

Rufus goes to Lily for advice on how to handle Jenny's recent out-of-character behavior.

Ok, Serena is totally pissing me off. It's like GROW A PAIR already. LOL Georgina is back to cause trouble and Serena is letting her get away with it. Why didn't she just come clean to Dan when he introduces "Sarah"?? Stupid stupid girl!

Can't wait for next week's show!

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Finally watched this weeks episode.

First, Jenny is such a little bitch. I really liked her at the beginning. Then I hated her, then hated her even more. I think if she really is "done" like she said that I might start liking her again, but I'm not so sure she's really going to be reformed.

Second, yes, Serena is a serious coward. Although, with what she revealed to Blair at the end...I don't think I'd want to tell anyone either.

Spoiler room....

Ok, so KILLED someone??!! I mean really?! Could they be anymore dramatic. I'm thinking it was either a drug/alcohol related accidental death or self-defese (perhaps there was an attempted rape or something?)...or maybe a combo of the two?

Other theories?

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