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Much has happened since the last time I posted about Hell's Kitchen. The first half of the season finale aired last night, and I'm glad to see my prediction about Christina being in the final 2 is correct.

Last night's show had an upset for Christina. Christina has won 9 challenges in a row - a first for HK - but last night, Petrozza, the catering chef, beat her signature dish with his own. The executive chefs from Gordon's restaurants were the taste testers. I thought for sure Christina would win. But that's ok.

Because I predict she's going to win top chef.

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I'm glad Cory's back and on Christina's team.

I'm hoping Patrozza will pick Jen for his team. The reason is two-fold ~ Matt and Ben can't work together, so why would Patrozza want to have to deal with them?? and second, Jen will sabotage Christina. She's not a team player at all, but I think she'd do better with Patrozza than Christina. And I don't like Matt either, but he works better with the girls.

And completely on the aside ~ why the hell did they bring Jen back???? She's got to be the most hated person there (but that's only my opinion).

I agree about Jen, Dev. She even said she only came back to prove to Chef that he made a big mistake! She's never really been a team player either.

I think Jen will go to Petrozza's team. And Matt already knows how to work with the ladies. But he's such a doof.

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