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CJ and Michael

Michael has returned. Something happened and he doesn't have a job with nasa anymore. But he receives a promotion and he's back at Fort wherever they are at! YAY!!!!! Emmaline is still acting a like a brat and pushing buttons.

Joan and Roland

Michael offered Joan a spot on his team. She would be able to stay home and be with her daughter. As much as she wants that, she doesn't not want to let her team down. She declines saying she'll deploy to Iraq.

Roland is helping this guy out by seeing patients. Roland knows he using him so he can write out prescriptions but Roland does feel like he's helping people.


They moved into a bigger house on base. Sooo nice. Roxy and Trevor come over to celebrate.

Roxy and Trevor

Nothing much. Trevor wishes he could provide more for his family. Roxy assures him she's fine with how things are.

Jeremy Sherwood

He's saved by this dog. The dog really takes to him and follows Jeremy around. But he's told to get rid of the dog. So Jeremy gives the dog to a friend and the dog whines. awww... I'm thinking maybe he'll be a handler now...

Frank and Denise

So Frank is sent home to take care of his domestic (Denise) situation. Last week Denise dreamed about talking to Frank and he said they could work things out. When she really does talk to him, he tells her not to pick him up at the airport.

He comes home and right away asks if the rumor is true. Denise apologizes and says it was a mistake. She realizes she was wrong and she loves him. But yes, it is true. Franks says she shouldn't stay and that he'll talk to the lawyers in the morning to start things. Denise leaves.

Hot damn. Now, as much as I think this is what she gets, I think Frank still loves her. His pride is in the way. I really doubt they'll get a divorce. If they do, I'll be shocked. another thing that annoys me is Denise's attitude towards CJ. She's still made CJ didn't want to talk to her the night Michael left. CJ explains but Denise is still bent out of shape. I'm sorry, but I don't blame CJ for doing that to you when CJ when was having a crisis of her own.

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See, I've caught up with all the shows and I honestly think that Denise is just hurt that when she needed CJ the most, CJ wasn't there for her. Now, I know that CJ was going through her own stuff at the time but Denise just felt shafted from the one person she hadn't expected would judge her. So as annoyed as I am at Denise for cheating on Frank, I think she's just hurt that from the people that are supposed to love her unconditionally haven't really done that, ya know?

I want to beat up Emmaline. She's getting on my hot damn nerves, like CJ and Michael aren't grieving themselves? That whole teenage angst thing is getting on my nerves.

I miss Chase! Trevor is sexy, even when he's being a loser and not making sure that everyone was unloaded and all that.

Pamela rocks my socks, I love that woman!

Joan and Roland are a good couple, I'm glad they got back together.

yeah I can agree with you on that one. do you really think they'll divorce?

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