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Pushing Daisies

The final episode. Sigh... why did they have to cancel it.

So the last episode, they are celebrating Chuck's one year death anniversary. So Ned, Chick, Olive and Emerson go to the Aquadome.. or something. And guess what, Lily and Vivian are there too. While watching Lily and Vivian's rivals perform, a sharks eats one of the girls. It's totally fake but still... I was a little shocked.

The manager asks the Darling Mermaid Darlings (Lily and Vivian) to come out of retirement and perform with them. Also to travel with them to Europe. Once Chuck finds out she's not happy because then she won't be able to see aunts. Ned talks with Chuck and together they decided to tell the Aunt's the truth. The last minutes we see:

Lily ( I think.. the one without the eye patch) learns that Vivian slept with her fiancé and had Chuck. Ned and Chuck knock on their door leaving the aunts speechless.

Olive opens a restaurant dedicated to Mac and Cheese. She is also dating Randy. Penny, Ermerson's daughter, knocks on his door. With the popup book he wrote she found him.

There is also an awesome scene where the camera goes around the town, showing all the places the gang has been solving the murders.

And that my friends is that.

Burn Notice

Yay! Burn notice has started up again. The people who have burned Michael ask him to work for them. Michael says no can do. Fine upper management says, but you get no more protection from us. Turns out upper management has been keeping Michael's enemys at bay. Not so much anymore since Michael said no to their job offer. Yikes.

Then we have Fi. For his birthday, she gives him a bayonet. she tells him that someone told her that loving Michael was like doing battle in the trenches. So the bayonet is to arm himself. Wow. Go Fi.

While trying to dodge the cops, former enemies and trying to get back in upper management's good graces, he's also helping people out. Oh.. and there is a detective sniffing around. she's noticed that since Michael has been home there have been a few more explosions and what not going on. Nice.

Army Wives

I told myself I wouldn't watch anymore. But I did.

CJ, Michael and Emmaline- Emmaline was running away to get married to Logan. Trevor stopped them though. He told Logan how much deep doo doo Logan would be in for marrying the general's 16 year old daughter. He was be committing career suicide. So out the door Logan runs. Awww. CJ and Michael decide that CJ should stay behind with Emmaline. Michael will head over to Brussels. So now CJ needs to find a place to stay and is finding difficult.

The night Michael leaves, Denise shows up on CJ's door. CJ is in no mood to talk with Denise and shuts the door in her face. (I'll explain soon)

Roxy and Trevor- Roxy is just dealing with the bar. First she figures out Betty's "nephew" is really a con artist trying to get some fast cash. Then the IRS comes a calling asking for back taxes. Then a woman tells Roxy her bar sucks. That she should make the bar reflect what Roxy likes. Not what everyone likes. I see a remodeled bar coming.

Pam and Chase- Nothing much yet.

Roland and damn... forgot his wife's name. Joan!- Roland is feeling like he hasn't accomplished much when he finds some news about classmate in his alumni newsletter. He tells Pam that he's not some lovesick girl who fell in love with a soldier. "Hey neither was I! I had a career too," Pam tells him.

And Joan will still be deployed.

Denise and Frank- Denise does the nasty with mac. The hospital finds out and fires her. Cause in her contract it's written no such behavior is allowed. The person doing the firing says, "I served with your husband. What you did is deplorable." Ha ha Denise. You skank.

Then Mac tells her that he's going back to his ex girlfriend to work things out. HA HA Denise. I admit I laughed while Denise was crying. No one to blame but yourself. That's when Denise goes to CJ's house.

Or course everyone finds out about Denise's affair and they are avoiding her like the plague. Roxy, Pam, CJ, and Roland are not sure how to approach Denise. So Roland tries to feel Denise out. Which Denise is annoyed with. Don't blame her there. Yeah I understand they are disappointed with Denise but they are still her friends.

Frank ended up not sleeping with girl over in Iraq. He told her no, he's still married. I love you Frank. Franks learns about Denise's affair. He goes on this dangerous mission and there is trouble. Denise hears about it and is trying to find out what happened and if Frank is safe. Yes, we later learn he is safe.

So there is your Army Wives update.

Did anyone watch Hawthorne? I have it recorded but haven't watch it yet. Is it any good?

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So what happened to chuck and ned? And her dad?

I haven't watched the last two eps yet. I'm savoring them. LOL

Both shows are hilarious. I am really impressed from both of shows and these are my favorite shows. I have found a good site to watch Army Wives and Burn notice tv show.

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