Season One: Fringe.  

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Man, with all of things slowing down for me and with everything on hiatus right now, it's given me time to catch up on the shows that I want to watch and Fringe has been up at the top of the list of shows I need to catch up.

I love this show.

I never thought of myself as the Sci-Fi type but man this show is seriously one of my most favorites on TV right now.

Joshua Jackson is a huge part of the reason I love this show so much but I really like the entire show.  In the beginning of the season, I used to wonder what the heck the show was working toward.  You know how each show has some bigger storyline that flows from episode to episode, well at first, I didn't see any of that kind of thing for Fringe but the more you watch, the more the show fleshed out storylines and moved other storylines along and by the end of the season, you were left with a bunch of huge OMG'S!
So much is going on throughout this entire season so I'm going to use bullets to cover everything.

Olivia: The whole thing with John and how that whole thing panned out made me happy, sad and then glad that maybe he didn't turn out to be such a bad sort.  I was kind of glad that he didn't turn out to be the traitor that we all thought him to be but with him dead and something simmering under the surface between her and Peter (YAY!) you just know that John is going to somehow come alive in the coming seasons and the love triangle is going to be between John/Olivia/Peter.  I can't wait!

Walter/Peter:  Holy crap in the pants! I so totally thought that the person Walter kept going to visit at the cemetery was Peter's Mom and when it came out to be PETER, I about had a cow!  I mean, for me that was the best part of the show, it was the OMGOSH I GOTTA WATCH IT NEXT SEASON TO SEE WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN because man oh man, I want to see how Peter finds out that he's actually dead.  You know there's gonna be major drama when Peter finds out.  I love how far the relationship between Walter and Peter has grown over the course of the season.  When Peter made that gift for Walter, I thought it was really sweet and I was happy for Walter because it's more than aparent that Walter loves his son and I love Walter because he's so weird and so smart and I love when he says things like, "If your IQ isn't bigger than mine than I don't care what you think" haha, it always cracks me up.  I can't wait to see more between these two in the coming season.

Charlie: I heard that Charlie got fired from the show and so won't be returning next season and as sorry as I am for Charlie, I can't say that I mind much.  Oh well.

Peter/Olivia: I really hope that Peter isn't going to start anything with Rachel because seriously, Olivia is his lobster and I hope that they get the chance to explore what can be between them despite them working together.  I love the scenes between Peter and Olivia and I sincerely hope that they get more screentime together next season.  I'm going to cross my fingers for the rest of the summer just so that can happen.

Staring now, *crossing fingers*

Overall, the season was exciting, fresh and definitely what I needed to get me over my TV funk.  I love this show and can't wait for more.

Is it fall yet?

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I of course love this show and loved the "shocker" ending too- how could I not? Great twist AND Leonard Nimoy (aka SPOCK) shows up!

SPOILER: (Btw- our thoughts are that Peter died in there reality as a child and Walter crossed over to the other to bring back the current Peter.)

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