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Ok, really, nothing much happened. Nothing with Ned and his feelings of jealousy with Olive and Randy. Damn. Infact he was actually trying to help olive.

Ya see, she's not sure if she wants to pursue anything with Randy because of her past feelings with Ned. She doesn't want to jump into something and she doesn't want to use Randy to get over Ned. Finally Randy and Olive talk about him possibly being a rebound guy. They decide to see where things lead. I beleive Randy said maybe Olive won't bounce off him...


The case of the week has to do with Emerson and his daughter. His baby momma is back. She's accused of stealing and murdering her ex fiancé. Emerson is out to catch her so he can find his little girl. Except Lila finds him first. She didn't kill or murder the guy. If Emerson can prove her innocence, she'll let him see Penny

Emerson does prove it and he catches a glimpse of Penny, his little girl. Lila kind of tricks about him it though. At the end of the episode he finds out his pop up book Lil Gumshoe is going to be published.

One more episode left!!!

Really quick: 1) Loved the dam joke. HA HA. 2) Loved the souvenir picture Emerson, Ned and Chuck took. 3) Loved seeing Emerson as a little boy.

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