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Ok, so my dvr recorded Pushing Daisies. Which was odd cause I thought it was canceled. After some research, I found out they airing the final 3 episodes of the show. YAY! So check your tv listings.

Ned has decided not to use his finger powers of bringing back the dead. So Emerson and Chuck are on the own for the most figuring out the murder.

The main story is Olive. When Olive was a little girl, she ran away with these two thieves. The thieves brought her back but were appalled that her parents didn't even know she was gone. The parents called the cops and the thieves were sent to jail. But Olive and the thieves wrote to each other every week since then.

The thieves broke out because... I forget.. I missed that part but they believe Ned and Olive to be engaged to be married. Because Olive wrote so much about Ned in her letters. Ned goes along with his for Olive. She doesn't want hurt the thieves feelings. Also.. I think his name is Randy is back and when he hears the news of the "engagement" he's hurt. awwww....

Well the thieves need to be smuggled across the border. So with Ned and Randy's help, they begin their little road trip. On the way they come across a road blocked by state troopers. Off they head to Chuck's aunt's house. There the thieves announce Ned and Olive's engagement. They are in shock and to prove they are "in love" Ned and Olive kiss. I have to admit, it was kind of sweet.

Oh did I mention, Olive is trying to figure out what Ned meant when he said, "I wouldn't say never" when she admitted in the last episodes, "I'm sorry you never looked at me the way you look at chuck." Well... Ned says something olive about he doesn't mind pretending. Like it's trying on a relationship... I forget how he words it, but it upsets Olive. So much she admits the truth to everyone. They are not engaged.

They figure out a way to escape the aunt's house. Ned brings to a life a rhino. Randy does taxidermy and he had a dead rhino in his van. When the police chase it, Randy, Olive and the thieves escape. Ned heads back into town and helps Chuck and Emerson solve their case.

The episode ends with Ned feeling some kind of tingly feeling. When he watches as Randy take Olive's hand, Ned realizes it's jealously.

Ooooooooo.... I can't believe there are only 2 more freaking episodes!!!!!!

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That sucks! It's all about Chuck and Ned can't feel that way about Olive.


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