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Monroe and I both went to see the Time Traveler's Wife opening night. Here is our joint review of the movie. There are spoilers.

Starring: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams

Movie description from Yahoo: Clare has been in love with Henry her entire life. She believes they are destined to be together, even though she never knows when they will be separated: Henry is a time traveler--cursed with a rare genetic anomaly that causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline, skipping back and forth through his lifespan with no control. Despite the fact that Henry's travels force them apart with no warning, Clare desperately tries to build a life with her one true love.

ames: So Monroe, what did you think of the Time Traveler's Wife? For myself, I really enjoyed it! It was faithful enough to the book and Eric Bana is no hardship to watch for almost 2 hours. LOL

Monroe: LOL you're totally right on the Eric Bana AND how well they stayed close to the book!

First off the casting:
Eric Bana as Henry- First off when I found out he would be Henry I was totally excited. You dont picture Henry being a pretty boy. You picture a dark and handsome man thats rough around the edges. I flet he played true to Henry- you know being a very unique person, passionate, tough yet caring, eccentric even! Perfect cast for me!

Rachel McAdams as Claire-
PERFECT! OMG RM always plays in movies that are very deep with meaning. Her acting is always spot on with me and I believe she truly brought Claire to life. Claire was a girl who grew up rich, she could care less and so therefore she was not your typical snob. She did things her way and too was a very passionate person.

I love how they kept so close to the book! I was super worried about that. Now of course it being a movie they have to skip over a lot but I flet they kept with the original rawness of the book. The cursing, the sex, the time traveling. Nothing was sugar coated in my eyes. OH and how cute was Alba...I could just put her in my pocket! She almost made me want a little girl of my own...notice how I said ALMOST! ;op

ames: Oh man - Alba was definitely a cutie! And I like that scene when Claire asks, who's Alba playing with? And Henry is like "Alba." LOL

What about that little girl that plays a young Claire? She was the cutest!

Eric Bana as Henry was definitely spot on. And I'm not saying that just because I think he's the best. LOL Eric is a really gifted actor and him and Rachel McAdams were wonderful together. Rachel is so beautiful and she's definitely one of my fave actresses too. They both did an excellent job.

The movie was very faithful to the essentials of the book - and all the other stuff needed to be sacrificed. That stuff makes for a good book for sure, but it would definitely bog a movie down. This movie was about Henry and Clare - and the book was about them but also all the people around them. So yeah, I'm glad with this adaptation (also b/c Gomez had such a small role - did not like Gomez' character in the book and I do not like the actor who played him LOL).

Monroe, how do you think people who haven't read the book will like the movie? I was thinking about that last night.

Monroe: That's kinda a heard question to answer being I have read the book. Hmmm...(anyone reading this that has seen the movie but not read the book feel free to answer this one) BUT I
think they would still really like it. I went with two girls last night to see it. One had read the book, one hadn't. The one who had read it loved it! She was pretty much saying the same stuff we are BUT I will say the girl who hadn't read it did like it however DIDNT CRY?!?! lmao how could you not?!?!? I guess I could say that they would like it...would it be earth shattering...not to all but I still think not knowing everything about it they would still really enjoy it. Which to me shows a good movie. They didn't leave the important stuff out that only a book reader couldve filled in if that makes sense. Ill compare it to Twilight book/movie. Loved the movie but I flt if I hadn't read the book I would be confused about the emotion between the two. I would've questioned why they felt so strong, why he acted as he did...etc. So I would say they did a better job at keeping things close and understandable!

I know this is totally out of order but how did you like the ending? Obviously its a bit different than the book but how did you like it?

ames: Ok, my feelings about the book really affected how I saw the movie. Plus the movie did skip over Claire's childhood and so the movie doesn't do a good job of explaining how big a role Henry had in Claire's youth. And that plays a huge part of the book and it explains why Claire loves Henry. Because in the movie...we're told she loves him, but we don't know why really. And Henry loves Claire because she makes him feel safe.

Ooh! Another thing I didn't like was that they made Claire out to be the aggressor and get herself knocked up. LOL But in the book, it was just something that happened and no one planned that a younger Henry would do what he did. You know?

I liked the ending - it was a hopeful ending. The ending of the book made me bawl my eyes out. You?

Monroe: LOL VERY TRUE! I believe Claire does have an aggressive nature BUT she didn't act upon it when it concerned her getting pregnant. They did skip a lot of why Claire fell in love with thing I wouldve loved to see was when that guy in her childhood hurt her and Henry beat the crap out of him and tied him to a tree. Ya that wouldve shown a little more, you know him caring for her and protecting her. I loved when he went to 6 year old Claire and she was jealous of whoever he marries! lol too cute!

I LOVED the ending! NOW I wouldnt say I loved it more than the book b/c honestly I loved how the book ended even though it might be confusing to others I felt it was natural and honest. Not what you would expect. In the movie I felt it was as equally good. It was hopeful and your heart swelled with love. And how about after he left and Claire and Alba just look at eachother with tears in their eyes and all of a sudden Alba smiles, almost a reassurance to her mother that they will be ok. OMG Im getting choked up right now! And they folded the clothes...I was waiting for her to say "ok lets go put the clothes back in the woods" or something like that! lol ;o) Like he would come again!

Wait I forgot to cried right???

ames: Well I cried when it was New Years and the things that happened happened. LOL I don't want to give it all away you know. And at the very end, I got misty eyed. It was a very hopeful ending.

Claire being jealous of herself was sooo cute.

I also love the wedding - the way things worked out. That was one of my favorite part of the books, when they get married. AND hello? When Henry is checking out his new hair cut? He looked so hot right at that moment. LOL

I've read a few reviews of the movie and some of the reviewers seemed grossed out by a grown up Henry kissing Claire as an older teenager. So I'm thinking maybe its a good idea that all the stuff that happened to Claire as a child was glossed over. You definitely need to read the book to understand what happens between Henry and Claire.

Monroe: See remember thats how I told you I got the book...I had never heard about the book but my boss knew I read a lot and he was reading it and got to the part where they kissed and he was like NO!!! And stopped reading it. I think a lot of those people who thought that probably didn't read the entire book...idk. She was his head he was like I wont take advantage of her, but in a way was kinda hot buy seeing his wife younger. Mind you she was what...17?

But ya they did haze over that situation. BUT I loved their first kiss when she was 18! :o)

ames: Well for me - it doesn't really show in the movie that Henry is already married to Claire by the time he goes back to see her when she's younger. I don't know, I think some people might not see it until they get married. That he's married to her, so he's seeing his wife - not some random younger chick in a meadow. LOL

I loved their first kiss too. They did a good job with the special effects of making people younger and older. It was good.

Monroe: Ya I SO loved when he traveled for the wedding and she walks down and her has gray hair. lol LOVED THIS MOVIE!

ames: Me too. So what grade would you give it? I'm giving it an A-.

Monroe: Same here...super good with very little flaw! :o)

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Good review, ladies! I really want to see this!

I'm so dying to see this. The book was so amazing.

You really need to go see this movie it was awesome! Like I could go back to see it again! lol

This is seriously my fav book!

I sorta skimmed the review- because I DO wanna see the movie- but I'm glad to see you both liked it! (especially since I know you've read the book too!)

YES go watch it! We were so happy how close they stayed to the book! :o) You wont be disappointed!

It's a good adaptation of a book, which is always hard to do and it stars Eric Bana - what are you ladies waiting for? LOL

I just finished the book last night. SOOOO glad my roommate wasn't home b/c I bawled like a baby! It was kinda like the first time I saw the Notebook. Lots of snot and difficulty breathing.... :)

I'm really interested to see the movie and how it translates on screen. Good to hear it seemed to work well!!!

And I LOVE Eric Bana. Mmmm.

You see Eric Banas BUTT in this movie! LMAO! As SOON as I seen it I txt'd Ames to warn her (b/c how much she adores him) I just KNEW she'd prolly pass out! LMAO!

Mollie-I cried for the last 200 pages. LOL

Also, Henry loses his clothes, so there are some awesome shots of Eric. Yes i am objectifying him. haha

But there's one scene where I swear all the ladies in the theater let out a collective "oh my" and that's when Henry cuts his hair. He's fully clothed but OMG he looked so good!! LOL

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