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Lots of things popped off in the last couple of weeks on Drop Dead Diva.

Since the last time I posted about this show, Jane, or really Deb has finally stepped into her lawyerly shoes and is kicking butt in the courtroom.

After this week's episode, my concern is that they're going to put the whole Jane/Grayson love thing on hold while they explore a relationship between Grayson and Kim.

Ugh. I don't want to see Grayson get with Kim. I don't want them to make Kim more human because I don't like her. I like having that one person on the show that I just can't like and for this show, Kim fits that bill. I hate seeing these little tid bits of Kim actually having feelings. I don't want to see those things because I don't want her to end up with Grayson. I don't want Grayson to even entertain the idea that moving on from Deb with Kim is a good idea because well, I don't want it, that's why.

Anyway, last week's episode ended with a kiss between Grayson and Kim and I screamed at the, literally. In the past couple of weeks, we've seen these two get closer and closer. They're working on all of these cases together and they're getting to know each other and though we all know that Kim has the hots for Grayson, Grayson is still grieving for Deb so he's not paying too much attention to that.

Until now.

Gah, Deb hasn't been dead all that long and for Grayson to already be moving on makes me mad because hello, you love Deb and if you'll only get to know Jane a little more, you'll realize that you didn't lose Deb...not completely anyway. The case that Kim was working on this week with home girl that is always guesting on all of these shows (I can't remember her name) I thought was pretty lame. She's caused all this comotion over her fiance' sleeping with her best friend (the MOH) and then after Kim gets good and pissed on her behalf, she drops the case and goes back to him?


Jane's case was much more entertaining. I loved the crazy man and I loved seeing him make an ass of himself in court and then when he fired Jane, I loved how Jane realized that she had it all wrong and that the case wasn't a total loss. I thought it was cute for the son to get more involved with his father's compan and when everything worked out in the end, I smiled because this show is just too cute for words.

My favorite part of this show (or well, one of my favorites) is the friendship between Stacy and Jane. I think they're so cute. I loved that Stacy is forever trying to get Jane to eat healthier and I love that Jane turns to Stacy for help with her lawyer stuff and I love how they always help each other out. In last night's episode when they go to Jane's high school reunion and Stacy sets about making Jane popular with everyone there, it made me want Stacy to be my friend. It also makes me realize that I do have friends like that here in blogland and in real life. I'm telling you, if you're not watching this show you should be.

It's great.

I can't wait for more...which might not be next week but whatever, I'm looking forward to more.

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I missed Sunday night's ep but will catch it in rerun this week sometime.

I really REALLY hate the Grayson and Kim thing and to be honest something about the fact he picked Deb when she was a hot young airhead and now the hot bitch really bugs me about HIM.

Part of me thinks he's no worthy of Jane and they should bring someone else in for me to 'ship for...

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