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ames: There are some changes happening at the Boob Tube. We're welcoming a new member!

Welcome Monroe!

Monroe and I got to know each other earlier this summer. We watched So You Think You Can Dance from start to finish. (And we never blogged about it! GASP) But with her love of movies and tv shows, I think it's a natural fit for her to join us at the Boob Tube.

Wena: I think so too. She’s become such a huge part of my days at work and I’m so glad to finally have her on board over here at Boob Tube. I talk to her everyday and it’s funny how often we talk about our favorite shows and our favorite movies and I can’t believe it's taken us this long to invite her to be apart of the blog.

ames: I know. But now that she's graciously accepted our invitation to blog with us, all will be well. LOL

Wena: LOL, so please help us welcome Monroe frickin’ Dawson to Boob Tube. She’s going to add to the funness around these parts so really, that’s gonna be a good thing! =)

ames: Also - she's a fan of the Office. So hello - so natural! LOL

Wena: HA! She’s a JAM fan, woot!

ames: Heck ya!

Welcome Monroe!

p.s. The side bars have been updated and Monroe's faves have been added as well. -->

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LOL Thanks guys yall are too cute! :o) Im just glad to be surrounded by great friends.

Welcome to Monroe another True Blood fan - woohoo!! Can't wait for more posts.


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