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In this past weeks epi of True Blood Sookie FINALLY comes back home and finds her town turned upside down! Everyone is still running around looking to find and sacrafice him to Maryann's "god". Sookie, Bill and Jason drive up to Sookies house to find it totally trashed! You know whats funny?!? The shot where they show you how disgusting Sookies house was...well I sat there and thought..."Now whos gonna clean that up?" LMAO! Seriously! Ok anyways they soon find out that everyone is in disarray and Jason storms off to "save his town"! This guy is such a moron! lol Well I say that BUT he really does end up helping BIG TIME! Andy and Sam (the only ones that seem to NOT have black eyes at the moment) are locked in the freezer at Merlottes. They get out but not before Sam decides it all needs to end and that means giving himself to Maryanns minions. Jason gets him back with his genius (ya who woulda thought) to act like the god they were following and taking Sam away. Is this the start of a smarter Jason Stackhouse...mmm...prolly not but we will give him this week! ;op~

While all of this is happening Sookie is trying to exercise Taras inner demons and get her back. Bill helps by glamoring her and Sookie finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Personally I'm glad to see Tara back to normal and I really hope she stays this way. I also hope Eggs gets killed...sorry I just don't care for the guy. Tara needs to get her life straight before she goes around looking for Boy Toys.

OH I totally forgot to mention that before Sookie and Bill left Sookie's trashed house they had a run in with Maryann! Maryann went to go after Bill and Sookie used her powers (or at least what we could kinda tell) and shocked the shit outta her! Ya so I had been throwing around the idea that they may play up Sookies strengths to end Maryann and I think I may be on the right track!

We leave the epi on a scary note...Bill goes to seek help from who? We dotn know...ok I do b/c Ive read the books. Its Sophie-Ann, the Queen vamp of Louisiana. The shot pans off on a chair that has blood on it. I dont think its Sophie-Ann b/c shes supposed to be in the next epi. So who is it? IDK guess we will find out next week!

Lastly I gotta talk about the kiss in the beginning of the epi...OMG I almost died! Then Sook woke up! I tell you I yelled so loud my hubby came into the room to make sure all was all right! I told him " was a damn dream" this got me a really odd look and an eye roll but who cares! ;op We all know Bill is loosing Sookie...NOT FAST ENOUGH IF YOU ASK ME! lol

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Jason was hilarious in the truck with the mask on ... and Andy holding the branch behind him for horns and shining the light.

Hoyt's mom was funny ... such an extreme twist from her usual self. And Jessica was just dying to shut her up!

Should be an interesting finale with Sookie saving the day by battling Mary Ann ... a contest of powers.

And it should be interesting to see Bill confront Eric about forcing Lafayette to see vee.

Alas, just two more shows :(

I KNOW! Im super sad about only having 2 epi's left! :o( Im hoping that they show a little more foreshadowing towards a Eric and Sookie hook up! Dont you just love Hoyt ;o) lol hes so cute and he loves his Jessica...but MAN was his momma DIRTY! lol I wanted Jess to bite her just to shut the woman up! lol

Oh and one more thing...I cant wait to see how far they go with Sookies powers! Its gonna be a great finale!

"You know my uterus is really flattered that everyone cares, but sorry no occupants." ....LMAO!!! Wow I didnt know she was only 27!

So, what exactly did Sookie do to Marryann? My roommate was like... oh you're not far enough in the books to know yet. And wouldn't tell me, the bitch ;)

I'm not an Eggs fan either.

There wasn't enough ERIC for me.

We (my roomie and I) figured the kiss w/ Eric was a dream...HBO are just torturing us Eric fans.... le sigh.

Only 2 episodes left. *Tear!

Wonder when this season will make it to DVD...?! Amazon doesn't have a date yet.

Im not totally sure what she did to Maryann...I mean in the books she doesnt go around shocking people?!? UNLESS I have forgotten something...thinking...thinking...I mean I know sookies background/history so I know how shes is special (trying not to spoil the books for you) but I never remember she being able to shock people. And ya I was sad not to see Eric more :*( 2 epi's left...

REALLY?!?! You gotta embrace the creepiness to get to the sexiness! lol

I finally got around to watching this episode and OMG I laughed so hard! That scene when Jason is a god? And when Sam is yelling at him to smite him? hahaha!

I hate that it took this long for season 2 to get good, right at the end?

And I'm loving Eric!

Maybe it's the blond hair ... I'm not into blonds.

I think Sam is kinda hot.

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