True Blood - I Will Rise Up (Season 2, Epi 9)  

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HELLO!!!...I'm totally satisfied with this past weeks epi of True Blood. First off as you see you get a little Sookie/Eric action (even if it is only in Sookies dreams). We found out last epi that when Sookie thought she was saving Eric's life buy sucking a bullet out of his chest (oh ya baby) she swallowed his blood therefore he knows her feelings at all times and she will actually have a bit of a sexual side affect to him! I mean come on who wouldn't?!?!

In Godric was horrible! I totally cried my eyes out b/c we went to "meet the sun" on top of the hotel. When Sookie went up to be with him she got to see a touch of Eric's sensitive side by crying his eyes out and begging him to stay. SUPER SAD! And as Eric goes to go back inside Eric and Sookie stare into each others eyes in understanding of their hurt.

Hoyt and Jessica...OMG crack me up! Hoyt decides he wants Jess to meet his mommy...that doesn't work out very good and his mom and Jess have a little showdown in Merlots! lol That leaves Hoyts ma sitting at the table by herself drinking beer! lol OH and I forgot to talk about Jessicas magical cherry growing back every time they have sex!!! LMAO! SERIOUSLY?!?!

Another thing I wanted to talk about was FINALLY Eggs and Tara are getting suspicious of Maryann's behavior AND their behavior! lol Ok last epi Eggs and Tara beat the holy bajaysus outta each other so you see their bruises (which is hilarious). Well now they get all drunk one night and Tara's mom and Lafayette come barging into Sookies house and kick eachothers asses AGAIN then they abduct Tara and drive off! LMAO Idk...that story line is getting wack! lol

OK...and my last Eric=HAWT!!!

Smiley Eric=CREEEEPPYYYY!!! If you seen the show the past few epi's oyu know what I'm talking about! He look like he might violate you...I like my Eric MEAN! ;o)

~Until next time~

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It's an interesting turn that Sookie is now craving Eric. I'm sorry but I find him creeeeepy all the time.

I find Jessica hilarious ... especially last season when she discovered that she didn't have to be a good girl anymore.

I find this season there are lots of plots rather than just being focused on Sookie. I like Sookie but it's good spend time with others.

Only three more shows left :(

I know Im sad there are only 3 epi's left...I however actually find this season (the past few epi's) the best the show has made! :o) Maybe its b/c I <3 Eric! lol ;o) Have you read the books?

My husband and I and my 19-yr old son all watch. My son said last week that if Godric dies he will never watch TRUEBLOOD again. He's one po'd dude right now.

The whole Eric and Sookie dynamic is interesting. I'm curious to see what they'll do with just 3 epi's left.

*sigh...I feel for your son! I loved Godric...but what a way to go! SO DRAMATIC RIGHT?!?! Eric and Sookie...OH MY...if you havent read the book you need to...lets just say that! ;o)

OMG. Loved this episode! I definitely think the past few episodes have been the best acted thus far. I cried too! Godric was a great character!

I am so Team Eric. No doubt. I'm reading the books (slowly). I just recently finished Dead to the World (ERIC!!! YES!) and will start Dead as a Doornail soon.

I can't get enough Eric. I LOVED how he fooled Sookie into sucking the bullets out in the last episode. It was beyond funny! ;)

I'm so ready to see someone AX Marianne. That bitch needs to go ASAP!

Wasnt it the BEST epi!!! OMG...I cant wait for you to read all the books they are great!!! You gotta email me soon over on my blog and let me know how your progressing! I really love these books!

I was going to start the next sookie book yesterday but my copy of KMM's Dreamfever came into the library. So I had to start that instead but I'm so reading the next sookie book after that!

Also, I found this SUPER cute mug on Etsy...any True Blood fan must have one (she customizes them too!) Mine's going to have something to do with ERIC. Sigh. ;)

Ive never heard if that book...hmmm...whos the author?? Im always lookign for new ones! OMG too funny I want a coffee mug! OMG!

Karen Marie Moning. She has the "Highlander" Series and the "Fever" series. Both are excellent. You'll have to check them out!!

I love the mugs too. You can get them customized. My roomie and I have been coming up with ideas for the last week or so. We can't decide what we want on our mugs. But we WILL be getting one! :)

Did you see this week's episode?!

Nope havent watched it yet BUT I am tonight and my weekly Sookie post will be up soon! ;o)

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