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The Girl with the Hairy Pits

Yeah, the judging panel had too much fun with Fatima's arm pit. LOL The photo shoot was a close up portrait, and Fatima, who has never ever shaved before, had her arm up beside her head. So yeah, the judges were amazed that someone who wants to be in the business wasn't meticulous with her body fur. Personally, I didn't even notice. But wth, I'm not in the modelling business, so if the experts say the fuzz has got to go, Fatima should listen.

Anyway, the challenge this week was posing and judged by Benny Ninja - vogue poser extraordinaire.

In the end, Marvita who appears to have caved into herself at judging, was the girl to get the boot. That's too bad, because I had this secret hope that Marvita would be like Jaslene. Get kicked off the first time you try out for the show only to come back stronger and win the whole thing. Alas, that didn't happen.

Buh bye Marvita.

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