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Okay, tonight's show was the business! The straight up, in your face, make you scream business! It was such a good episode for me.

It was so good to see Karen and finally meet Lily (cute but not as cute as my Jamie!) and then oh my! Mr. Andy is back! Andy from New Zealand, oh goodness I love that man, I loved him when he was on the show and I was so frickin' stoked to see him back. So he got his VISA and was able to come back? The guy that's richer than rich and teached anyway?

YAY FOR ANDY! He's back and he's still sexy as all get out. Alright, seriously...let's get down to the nitty gritty of tonight's 100th episode of One Tree Hill, my favoritest
of favorite shows on the whole planet!

Brooke: I knew she wanted a baby. I knew that was her reason for coming back to Tree Hill. When she was talking to Karen and Peyton and she was going on about children, I knew that was the reason she came back. Brooke would make a kiss ass Mom and I really hope that she does get her kid (as long as Lucas isn't the Dad) because she needs to have someone in her corner and someone all to herself. She deserves a bit of happiness and I'm wondering who the father of her baby's gonna be...Owen? Lucas? Mouth? Skills? Who? I guess we'll have to wait to find out, GO BROOKE!

Nathan/Haley: So are they back together? I hope so because they need to be together because they're better together, just like Jack Johnson sang. I really felt for the both of them when Jamie was kidnapped and holy hell you guys, the whole Grandpa Dan saved me, that is totally a set up. Dan hired Carrie to work in the house with Jamie, paid her to get close to Jamie so that she could take him so that Dan can save him and bring him home and back into the fold. That was Dan's ticket back into the family and I do not believe for one second that Dan has turned over a new leaf and wants to be a good person because he's not a good person, 4 years is not going to change that. Gosh, I can't wait to see all the drama that turns out from this whole madness because it's gonna be good....FOR real.

Peyton/Lucas/Lindsay: How Lindsay ever could have thought that Lucas was writing about love...writing about her and be happy when she read his book, knowing when he got his inspiration and knowing everyhing about his history with Peyton, how it didn't make sense right off the bat that he was writing about Peyton, I just don't know. How it all made sense when everything came together, hearing about the story in it's entirety, the reason that Haley didn't want Luke to marry Lindsay and just everything made me love Peyton so much. It made me hurt for her because Lucas, the stubborn fool that he is, said, "I do" to Lindsay. It didn't matter a fig that he wrote ANOTHER story about Peyton (and how awesome was that story? I so want to read that book) because he said, "I do" to Lindsay. He must have loved her enough to go through with the wedding and through it all, Peyton stood and respected his wishes. And it seriously, SUCKED for her but stand by him, she did because she sacrificed her love for him to make sure that he was happy.

And when we saw Peyton's dream of how she stood up and told Lucas that they belonged together because he fixed her car. I thought, oh goodness, this is why they need to be together, Lucas needs to remember that he fixed Peyton's car and he set their story in motion and their story is far from over. They're story is still waiting to be told, it's waiting for Lucas to finish writing it. It's waiting for Lucas to finally come to grips with the fact that his line in his first book about how he does and always will love Peyton Sawyer so that they can start living their love story out.

I really loved that Karen came back to town to be with Lucas on his big day. I loved how she took time out to go see her girls, Brooke and Peyton. I loved seeing her bond with them because she was such a great mother to the both of them. She was there for each of them when they needed her and I loved seeing them all back together and to hear Karen's words of advice to the both of them. If anyone knew what she was about, it's Karen Rowe. She's lived through it all and remains the same, loving and caring woman that we all know and love. She's a fantastic role model for Brooke and Peyton and I loved that she could be there for Brooke, so soon after her big showdown with her own Mom.

I really enjoyed this episode and I thought it was a fantastic 100th episode. I loved all the flashbacks and just everything about this episode except when Lucas said, "I do." When he said, I do, it pierced my heart and I felt Peyton's heart break all the way from across the country. This episode was, *sigh* really, really good.

And I can't wait until April 13th for more episodes...WOO FRICKIN HOO! That's only about 3-4 weeks, somewhere around there.


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I am right there with you! I finished this episode with a little sigh and said, "This is why I love this show." It is so damn good! The whole thing with Dan, I didn't see it coming, but I have to admit that even though he killed Keith, I like him. I always have. He's such an ass to everyone. I just like the character, such a great antagonist.

I was never a Lucas and Peyton fangirl at first, but I've found over the last few years that Ive turned into one and didnt even realize it.

Nathan and Haley.. Better get back together. Jack Johnson Style.

And Skills. I never liked him much before either, but they have GOT to give him more parts. He's phenomenal and I LOVE that he hangs with Jamie so much. GIVE SKILLS A STORYLINE!!!


It's just great stuff, I swear! I don't understand why more people aren't watching it.

I'm glad that you're a Leyton fan because Brooke and Lucas are dunzo and I, for one am totally glad because Peyton is his lobster, not Brooke.

Just like I don't think Chase is Brooke's lobster...although I do want to know what happened to them. Just like I still want to know the nitty gritty details of Skills and Bevin's break up.

I can't wait to see Skills get a storyline as well, I like him better than Mouth and I never thought I'd say that...hehe. Ooh, do you think Skills can be enough to go against Dan to keep Jamie safe? I can totally see Skills getting hood on Dan, haha that would be so funny!

I don't know why my freakin' lengthy ass comments never go through but it's very very aggravating. I should stop being such an idiot sometimes I think.

ANYWAY! I LOVED this episode more than any OTH episode ever. I Can't wait for it to come back on!!!!!

Dan is making his way into my good graces. Hopefully that is the end of Nanny Carrie and her hoetrain booty!!

As usual, since I messed up my original comment I don't have the time to get all lengthy but seriously, I'm stoked for the return of OTH. It's already been picked up for next season, btw!!

This 100th episode was awesome and i am sure that this one tree hill episodes series will rock the world.

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