The Tudors Is Coming Back!  

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Who's as excited as I am that The Tudor's Season Two is coming back...THIS SUNDAY!

I'm so effing excited that show is coming back. In just a matter of days I'll be able to find out what's going on with that pompous ass of a King Henry (is that okay to say or am I going to get thrashed by the British Parliament or something?) and to see if my main man, Charles Brandon has wised up and to see if he marries his frickin' ward...I have a feeling that he's going to marry her but I wonder if he'll love her for real or if it'll be more of the same from his philandering self.

Last season left off with everyone getting killed off and King Henry wanting more and more power. I think it's only a matter of time before he starts going after the Church and start up his own Church which will later become The Church of England.

What will happen, who will be coming back, who will be leaving the show? Are there going to be any newcomers that will wow me with their superior hotness? I have no clue, so until Sunday I'm going to tide myself over with some hottie pictures of my hubby, Henry Cavill...


Hot damn, isn't he FINE!

Until Sunday.....WOO FRICKIN' HOO!

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Damn Henry Cavill looks HOT! Damn! I need to netflix this series.

He is too fine!

I love that picture of him with the chickie bird's leg on his shoulder. Rowr! LOL

Ok - now that the craziness of my life has seemed to pass (a little bit at least) I'm going to watch the first season. For real this time!

YAY!! I can't wait. It feels like this show has been off the air for such a long time.

Ames, Izzy, you guys should definitely check this series out. Then we can totally gush about how good Henry Cavill looks in the episodes. LOL.

All right I'm gonna have to rent the first season- (no HBO in my apt). Besides your gushing- two GUYS, yes that's right GUYS, at work were talking about it and when the one mentioned the King masturbating- well, I piped up- "I'm definitely gonna be watching this show now!" hee

they laughed too.


I'm telling you, you'll love this show especially with your love of historicals...there's plenty to love in this time piece! I LOVE HENRY CAVILL!


Promise you'll watch it soon, it's so good.


Hey you! I miss you sweets! What's new with you? How's work treating you?


Oh goodness, that's right..he DOES do that and all his servants are holding up his towels while he handles his business himself, I always thought that the Kings would just have someone else do it. LOL. But nope, Henry does it himself while everyone watches. haha. Watch this show!

HBO? I never saw this or heard of this on HBO. I'll goggle it, because I want to find this one.



which I don't get either ...


This show is on Showtime, not HBO and it's sexy and good. You should definitely check it out.


Awww sweetie, you can netflix the first season, that was good!

I watched the first 3 epis. I SAW HIS CUTE LITTLE BUTT!

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