One Tree Hill: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side.  

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Oh. Em. Gee.

Was that not a good episode or what? I mean seriously, I don't even know where to begin, this episode was that off the hook!

Haley didn't get on my nerves as much as I thought she was going to get on them tonight as she was blind to her own son and seriously Haley, how can you ignore a child as cute as Jamie? How cute was Jamie and Skills? Oh gosh, you can just see how much genuine love Skills has for little Jamie and it's not creepy like the love Carrie has for him...if it's even love Carrie had for Jamie. Haley did get on my nerves a little bit and even though I know how she feels but even she had to have seen the way Nathan can't stop wanting to fix things and for her to not take advantage of that irks me a little bit.

I'm glad that she had that talk with Skills, I'm glad that Skills put her in her place when she tried to get all high and mighty about the way they were handlin' her son...atleast someone remembered he was around so she shouldn't be talkin' about any hot damn body ...gosh, you just gotta love Skills. Why does he not have a love interest?

And speaking of love interest, HOLY HOT DAMN Bevin is married and has a son? A not so good looking son, a son that looks NOTHING like little Jamie and who's name is...NATHAN? Are you effing kidding me? Who did she marry? Tim?

Ugh, there the writers go, teasing us with little tid bits of information, leaving us wanting more. I seriously want to know what happened that Bevin and Skills are not together anymore..what happened Bevin?

So Rachel took the money and split...I'm not really surprised since that's so something Rachel would do in high school, she hasn't changed that much so whatev. I just didn't expect her to do it so soon. And just when Peyton had finally paid Brooke back all the money that she owed her for the loan she got for opening her own label. I can't wait to see Peyton's next artist.

And LMAO LMAO LMAO! How funny was it to see Owen's friend???

Oh. Em Gee.

Frickin' CHASE? Awwww, he looks good too. Really good, it's good to see Stephen not looking like such a spaz. But I LIKE OWEN, I know that Chase is probably Brooke's lobster but he's not Owen...Owen is so hot and if Chase and Brooke get back together that means that Brooke is going to break up with Owen and I'm not ready for that.

But every week I love Brooke more and more. Her character is so strong and so admirable that I can't help but wonder why she doesn't see in herself, what everyone else sees. I loved that scene at the end when she finally gave Bitchtoria the ol' Donald Trump, it was music to my ears when she finally told Bitchoria, "You're fired" I was cheering like no other because FINALLY, Brooke finally realized that she doesn't need any Negative Nancy's or Debbie Downer's in her life. Gosh, I'm so hot damn proud of Brooke I'm beaming over here, you can't see it but it's totally happening.


But I AM ready for Lucas to finally get over himself and stop this farce of an engagement to Lindsay and fess up and go after the woman he really loves. I'm such a punk but I just don't give a damn who she is, who her father is and all that, I just want Lucas back with Peyton.

Forever and for always.

Lucas + Peyton= True Love Always

Remember, Lucas? That's how it's supposed to be.

Dare I write a letter to you, Lucas?


Anyway, so many things are going to pop off next week and I really want to know...why the hell would Carrie think that she's invited to the wedding? What could possibly make her think that she has a right to be there?


I guess we'll just have to wait until next week to find out, huh?

Damage, until next week guys....happy OTH night!

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Oh gosh, can Jamie and Skills get any cuter?! I LOVE their scenes together. I totally busted up when Jamie told Skills he had a party the week before, and then Skills asked him what they had at the party. Love it, love it, love it!! You can totally see how much Jamie means to Skills and how Skills kept his promise to Haley back in high school, to always watch out for her and the baby. Awww!!

The other part I really liked about this week's episode was Brooke finally stepping up and giving her mama a piece of her mind. I was totally cheering her on. It's about time someone put Victoria in her place. And who better than Brooke?

So does anyone think Bevin, Rachel or Chase will be in any other episodes?

I can't wait to see next week's episode and hear why Haley thinks Lucas shouldn't marry Lindsey. I don't think the wedding will go on, but I'm still on the fence on who will stop the wedding. Will it be Lindsey? Lucas? Peyton??


You're so right...I had totally forgotten that Skills promised to always be there for her and baby...OMG, that's so right! Thats why I love OTH so much because to truly appreciate the show you have to have watched the show from the beginning because everything had a purpose back then and I just appreciate this show all the more because I did watch the show back then.

I think Bevin, Rachel and Chase are going to be back because their stories haven't been told yet. And plus, Peyton kissed Chase because Brooke was watching them and then she wished him good luck, that insinuates that he'll be back to win Brooke back, right?

I hope not because in this case, Owen should be Brooke's lobster, in this case, the old lover should move on...but never that in the case of Lucas and Peyton.

I KNOW...I didn't get to hear what she was reading to make her change her mind about who Lucas should marry but dude, I'm going to watch it again tonight online and catch that quote again, I love it!!

I'm just so hot damn glad that Brooke finally got Victoria out of there, she deserves far more than Victoria could ever give her.


I SWEAR I commented on this already! Ugh!! Here's a quick comment til later!

Bevin had to have married Tim bc that's the same f'ugly kid in his picture.

I completely love Skillz for putting Haley in her place.

My stomach hurts when I think about what Carrie and Dan will pull at the wedding. I'm praying that they don't get married. Yucky lindsay!

The Chase thing? TOO HILARIOUS!

The Rachel thing? I wanna knock victoria upside her head. I think Rachel took the money and went to rehab. I really do want to think the best of her.



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