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So I've been watching this show. I had no intention of watching of this but Joey was all excited about it. Anyway, I got sucked in. However, I missed a few episodes so I was a little lost on what was going on.

That and I guess the show takes place in between the second and third movie. So everything that happened in the third movie didn't happen. Which.. I keep forgetting.

Yesterday was the season finale. I really hope it gets picked up again. Anyways, here are my two favorite clips from the season:

Home girl is a terminator. Well, an unknown cyborg. Earlier she was sent to a ballet class because the teacher was the sister of someone they were trying to locate. In the class, the teacher mentions dance is the human language of the soul. Later, without being told, she does this dance. The guy in the clip is Derek Reese (Kyle's brother) who has a thing against the machines. Which is understandable.

The second clip, Derek takes John out for his birthday. John knows Derek is his uncle but hasn't told him.

Here are the list of episodes from this season. Anyone else watch this? Anyone else glad Ellison wasn't killed at the end and wondering why he's still alive? Did Cameron survive? I hope so.

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See I didn't even attempt to watch this because I thought the whole Terminator thing had been played out. I liked the first two movies...the third not so much; thought it was pretty crappy. I dunno whether I'll watch this....

I thought the same thing Mollie. But, it's interesting. i enjoyed the first two and third, bleh. But works out since the series doesn't even mention anything that happened in the third one. You might like this one.

I started with this one because of Summer Glau and I'm loving it. I was stunned when it said it was the season finale. Don't know when 6-8 episodes became a season.

I'm wondering if Ellison will become evil. Not sure why I'm thinking that. Something about the Bible references he made in the last episode.

You do need to watch all the episodes, especially the first. I think once time travel is possible they can always go back and make it so something doesn't happen. Like movie number 3 - which I can't remember for the life of me. 1 and 2, absolutely but 3 - have no clue.


I'm guessing it ended short because of the writer's strike.

I'm liking it but it IS kind of slow moving for a show based on movies with so much acting. I really wasn't real excited about the show until the added the Derek Reese character...

Maybe I'll have to check it out then. Sounds like it could be interesting. Like I said I always liked those movies (except the 3rd..sucked, maybe that's why you don't remember it Cindy! ;) )

I want to watch this but I can't find it anywhere so I have to keep looking for it ...but I AM going to catch up on this show.

Cindy- I'm guessing the short season had to do with the strike. I don't think Ellison will be evil. I'm gonna have to netflix the episodes so I know better what is going on.

Zeek-I like Derek and hubby likes Summer. lol.

Mollie-ha ha. I was thinking the same thing Mollie. 3rd one was just horrible.

Rowena- I think you can watch the episodes on the fox website.

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