One Tree Hill: Running to Stand Still  

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I needed a couple of days (okay a whole week) to think about what I wanted to blog about pertaining to this week's episode of One Tree Hill.

First off, how many of us wanted to strangle Carrie's skinny little neck when she ruined Nathan's life? Nathan has been nothing but kind to her since she started working for them and how does she repay him for his kindness?

She wrecks his marriage.

I get that she doesn't like Haley but why doesn't she like Haley? Because Haley is married to Nathan? You know what Carrie, IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU CARRIE!

I went back and forth with this one. On one hand, Nathan was an idiot for not coming clean with Haley about the whole flirting with Carrie and the kiss and the swimming in the pool naked, ALL of those things, he should have been told Haley about it so he really has no one to blame but himself for the way things are with his marriage right now. All that talk about if Lucas is man enough to cheat on his girlfriend then he needs to be man enough to come clean about it to her and then not telling Haley about all of that crap was bound to come out and it was bound to drive Haley bat shit crazy!


Do I think that Haley overreacted? Apart of me thinks that yeah, Haley did overreact a little bit because she should have had more faith in Nathan but with everything that's going on and she told Nathan that the shower thing better be it and then Carrie enlightens her about the kiss and the naked swimming...what else was Haley supposed to do? Jump for joy?

I don't think so.

So, I don't this episode, considering everything, my final answer on the whole Haley overreacting, I guess not especially because I can see where she's coming from. What else is she supposed to think? If he wasn't honest with her about the kiss and the naked swimming, how was she supposed to react to the scene that she came home to?


Next week, however...with Haley just giving up on Nathan period, yeah that's a bit Lucas, I guess she forgot that she loved Nathan.

In this episode, Nathan couldn't get anything right. What I don't get is with the whole Dan's hearing thing, why didn't Nathan speak up and let everyone know the real reason why he went to see Dan. He didn't go there to spend some quality time with his father, he went there to end the relationship, the sever ties with him, to tell Dan that he was dead to him and that he didn't have a grandson...WHY didn't Nathan say something about that?

I swear, that boy has got crap for brains.

And then the whole Brooke and Owen date in New York turning into a big drama with Rachel OD'ing and almost dying...first things first, I thought it was really cute that Owen swooped right in and took on the role of medic, nurse and bodyguard. When he took his shirt off to kick the drug dealer's butt, I did get a little light headed because all that muscle in my face is enough to do that. haha.

I knew that it was Rachel that Brooke fired and I knew that she (Rachel) was going to pop back up again and wreak havoc and just like I knew, she did.

At the end of the episode when Rachel is telling Brooke not to leave her again, I'm like...okay, so is Brooke moving back to New York or is she taking Rachel back to Tree Hill? It's going to be interesting to see what goes down with all of that. I love seeing Brooke in this kind of role though, where she's the good friend, the responsible friend, the friend that everyone turns to but she's got her own problems that she's got to deal with and I can see a lot of problems overwhelming Brooke soon...I can't wait to see how everything turns out and what Brooke's got up her sleeve for Rachel.

Lots and lots of things to look forward to.

The one thing that I'm most looking forward to next week is Lucas and Lindsay's wedding. Is it really going to happen? Am I going to be right and Lindsay's going to be the one to break things off, is Peyton invited to the wedding, if she is, is she actually going to go?

See? So many things to look forward to, I cannot effing should be very very good next week and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, anxious to see what goes down.

Cause it's most definitely going down...until next week.

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I totally agree with you! Nathan SHOULD have told Haley about all those things. Especially after Haley said something to the effect of "there better not be anything else." *sigh* Silly Nathan.

I can see why Haley reacted the way she did, but at the same time, when she yelled out, DIVORCE! I thought, whoa..It just seemed too sudden to me. As if she didn't even want to try fighting for their marriage any more. Which, I suppose she has been doing for some time, but still. I would have liked to see her have Nathan in the dog house for a little bit and trying to work things out, before jumping straight to the likes of a divorce.

As for Brooke, she's so bloody awesome. I like when they write her this way, being the great friend that she is. Her character has developed so much since S1.

Oh and I can't wait to see what goes down in next week's episode!!!

It's about damn time you post this!!

I spent a lot of time yelling at the TV last week, that's for sure! Nathan does have rocks in his head or something. Stupid stupid stupid stupid

I would definitely be freakin' out Haley style but you know they won't get a divorce. This definitely won't be the last they see of Nanny Carrie though. Hoetrains like that don't just walk away and never look back.

The Rachel Thing? Totally predictable and DAMN (!!) She looks f'd up! Head back to Tree Hill and grow the F up Rachel.

The wedding? It totally won't happen.

I will miss tonights but will watch it when I get home!! EEKK!!

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