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I have a new summer show: Burn Notice. From Wikipedia:

The television series is a first-person narrative (including frequent stream of consciousness voice-overs providing nuggets of esoteric exposition) from the viewpoint of covert-operations agent Michael Westen, played by Jeffrey Donovan.

After fleeing a Nigerian operation blown apart by the sudden and unexplained non-cooperation of his U.S. contact, Westen finds himself in his hometown of Miami, Florida, USA, attended to by his ex-girlfriend but abandoned by all his normal intelligence contacts, under continuous surveillance, and his personal assets frozen. Extraordinary efforts to reach his U.S. government handler eventually yield only a grudging admission that someone powerful wants him "on ice" in Miami; if he leaves the city he will "heat up fast", i.e., he will be hunted down and taken into custody, whereas by staying there he can remain relatively free. Consumed by the desire to find out why he's been burned, and by whom, he goes to work as an unlicensed private investigator and freelance spy for anyone in town who can pay him any money in order to fund his personal investigation into his own situation as a blacklisted agent.

I got lucky in that I caught the show when it started showing the reruns on USA to prepare for the second season. Joey actually got me hooked the show. I love it. I think Michael Westen is hot. I love his sense of humor.

The blurb from wikipedia, explains the first season pretty. While trying to find out who burned him, he's doing odd jobs with his friend Sam and his trigger happy ex girlfriend, Fiona.

For Season 1 episodes, you may click here.

Season 2 premiered yesterday. I have it recording on the HD channel, so it came on at 7 pm pacific time on USA. So I think it's normally 9 or 10 pm when it comes on.

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