We're Getting Another Cartoon Movie from Disney, WOO HOO!  

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....did you guys see this? I cannot wait, I missed the movies of old from Disney like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and finally, we're getting one beginning next Christmas (WAH!) but still, we're getting one:

Check out the semi teaser trailer for it:

I can already see my kids getting excited for this one, truth be told...I'm hella excited too! It's called The Princess and the Frog and it features it's first African American heroine so woo hoo, bring on the lovin'! =)

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I had no idea - and now I'm so excited! :-D

Was that Halle Berry's voice?

ha ha! I like when the frog puckers up. LOL! I can't wait!

I like the look of this, but by the time it comes out my boy will be 11 so I am guessing that he won't really want to see this one!

This will be cute to see. :P

I can't wait! Thanks for the heads up :)

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