Hellboy II  

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Ok, Izzy and I decided to team up to discuss Hellboy 2, which we both watched on Saturday. There are spoilers.


Ames: I wanted to see this one because it was directed by the same guy who did Pan's Labyrinth. I knew it would be awesome in the visual sense.

Izzy: I was forced to watch this. LOL. I didn't care for the first Hell Boy but Joey really liked it. So when this one came out we made a trade. Hell boy 2 for Dark Knight. I think I was screwed. LOL.

Ames: LOL Ok, why were you screwed?

I saw the first one only once when it first came out, so I didn't really care to see it for the movie itself, more for the director. I'm strange that way I guess.

Izzy: Cause I didn't care for the movie at all. I was like... ok.

It did look cool though. The special effects and all that.

Ames: Yeah, the special effects and the graphics were just awesome. I like how the director didn't rely too much on computer effects. Like the fantastical creatures looked real. Not cheesy.

The storyline was just ok for me though. Hey, did you notice the lack of any kind of spark between Red and Liz? She just kept kissing him on his forehead. I was like, how the hell did she end up with a bun in the oven that way? LOL

Izzy: Yeah, I wasn't buying Red and Liz being a couple. They had more chemistry in the first movie. And the other thing... How in the heck did she get preggers? I mean, he's kind of... big so I'm thinking... ow.... lol.

I thought Abe and the princess had more sparks flying.

And LOL! I thought the scene with Red and Abe getting drunk was funny. lol

Ames: Oh yeah! I had a good laugh over that scene.

I felt bad for Abe though, over what the princess does at the end. She had some freaky eyes!! And her brother reminded me of Tom Cruise. Ugh. LOL

Well isn't Liz human? And Hellboy is a demon...so that's kind of some freaky-deaky demon love going on there. haha

Izzy: The princess reminded me of the creatures (weren't they elves too?) in the movie the dark crystal. But yeah she had some freaky eyes. Kind of jacked up they killed her (poor abe) but there was no way they could kill the prince with her staying alive without it being all cheesy and like a cop out. You know.

Yeah, just a little freaky demon/human love right there. But whatever floats your boat.

Ames: It's not my boat! LOL

I understand about the princess dying. But it was a cute storyline for Abe. LOL @ his big ol'contacts too!!

Izzy: I know. LOL! He was so cute falling in love with her.

Oh how about when Red was getting all upset when the troll was going to eat the kitty. ha ha. I mean it wasn't funny how she was going to eat it but I just liked how he's like, "SHE'S GOING TO EAT IT!" lol.

Ames: Yeah that was cute too. And then I had a good laugh when the troll described how the canary was going to eat her.

It had its little moments and it wasn't horrible. It was ok. But visually, it was great.

Izzy: Yeah, visually it looked good. And it had it's moment but for the most part I was just meh.

Ames: Ooh, I also liked the little troll guy with no legs. He really liked his shiny stuff. :P

Izzy: Oh i know. lol. SHINY!!!!

Ames: Hey, did you see Pan's Labyrinth?

Izzy: No, haven't seen that one yet.

Ames: Ahh.

But aren't the creatures so awesome? I really liked the tooth fairies.

Izzy: They were kind of cute but they were just gross at the same time. lol. the plant guy was cool too. And eewww the tumor! lol

Ames: OMG, yes the tumor. 'I'm not a baby, I'm a tumor.' haha

That Krauss dude was interesting...funny how no one listened to him though. I liked when Red smashed his helmet.

Izzy: Oh i know. ha ha. I liked Krauss. ha ha. Red looked all scared when the.. smoke/gas started to leak.

Ames: Yeah.

Ugh, Ok, the actor that plays Red, Ron Perlman, is an old guy almost (late 50s I believe), so Hellboy totally had an old man body. DO you know what I mean? Like his arms were kinda skinny like an old man's. LOL

Izzy: I noticed his body was kind of skinny compared to his head. But.. i thought it was just me.

Ames: Nope, that's old man body. LOL

Izzy: I see. Ewwww

So as you can see, we both enjoyed the creatures but the story was a bit lacking. Here’s what Izzy said in another email after she had first seen the movie:

The first part reminded me of Lord of the Rings. The troll market and how they got in, reminded me of Diagon Alley (Harry Potter) and when he killed the plant monster thing and the flowers start blooming and falling, reminded me of Edward Scissors Hands. I expected Selma Blair to start dancing. lol.

I did too, Izzy. LOL

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I'm glad to see this review. My little brother let Travis watch the first one and I freaked out on him til I realized that it wasn't what it sounds like.

He is very excited to see the second one.

Ah, good. I'm not going to rent this one - I had been hearing about people loving it but I didn't like the first one at all. So unless they completely changed the story I wasn't going to buy in. Money saved!


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