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Rowena and I were talking yesterday. She asked what happened on Grey's last week. Here are our emails:

Mmm nothing much. Meredith and Christina aren't talking to other. Sloan is trying to stay away from Lexie. Izzy told Alex that she sees Denny and does the nasty with him. Alex is like whatever. He makes Izzy a birthday cake but it looks like a cake featured on cake wrecks.

LOL, Awww really? Why are Meredith and Christina not talking? What's up with Christina and Owen? Are they getting closer and closer? Sloan and Lexie already did the ditty right? Lexie is pregnant in real life so I'm thinking on the show, she's gonna end up pregnant with Sloan's baby, WOO HOO! So Alex doesn't believe her or doesn't care?

Ok. So Christina found out about the interns practicing on themselves. And she told them to stop. When Chief was talking to Meredith and Christina, Lexie thought they were getting in trouble (because of when they tried to do the appendix surgery, Meredith and Christina had to fix it). So Lexie told chief not to blame them cause Christina had already told them to stop.

Well Meredith was shocked Christina knew and Chief got mad at Christina and Meredith. Except Meredith said she didn't know. Christina got mad that Meredith didn't back her up. Which... how was Meredith supposed to do that when she didn't even know.

So Christina is supposed to have the solo surgery but can't because of the intern thing, so she has pick someone to take her place. Meredith says she deserves it but do what you have to do. Christina picks Alex. Meredith is upset and I forget what Christina said but something about Meredith taking it personally. Which is dumb cause Christina expected Meredith to use her relationship with Chief to get her out of trouble. UGH!

So that's why they aren't talking. Although I think it's more on Christina side. Cause every time Meredith would come around, Christina would leave. But both are being dumb.

Owen is still being hot and cold with Christina. She told him to stop doing that. Sloan and Lexie did do the wild thing. And looks like they are gonna do it again. And Callie is still lusting over the one intern.

What one intern? What is up with Callie and the interns? So is it like a love match between Lexie and Sloan or just a booty call type deal?

Oh okay, I think I remember that stuff with Christina and Meredith. Anything new and interesting with Meredith and Derek?

No, Callie is lusting after a intern, who was Meredith's best friend. But Callie is trying to be good.

As of right now, it just looks like a booty call between sloan and lexie. Mmm, nothing big with Meredith and Derek. But Derek tried to dance it out with Meredith (since Christina wasn't there) and Derek should not dance.

So that's basically what was going on. Hunt, Derek, Christina and Meredith's patient is some guy on death row. George still has nothing to do. Chief is still annoyed with the hospital being 12. Although Hunt asking Derek about the Seahawks to get out of the line of fire between Meredith and Christina was funny.

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My sister, who is the one following celebrity gossip for me, read somewhere that they would not write in Lexie's pregnancy in the show. I guess they'll be hiding it...

Also, heard that the intern Callie is lusting after is going to be written off.

LMAO, I do love you Izzy, really I do!

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