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Movie description from Yahoo movies: A vibrant beauty and celebrity of her time is trapped in an unhappy triangle with her husband and his live-in mistress. She falls passionately in love with an ambitious young politician, and the affair causes a bitter conflict with her husband and threatens to erupt into a scandal.

Starring: Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell, Charlotte Rampling

Grade: B+

I really enjoyed this movie. Based upon the true life of Duchess of Devonshire, Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess is a fascinating tale developed from the novel written by Amanda Foreman (you can bet your sweet cheeks I'm buying that book ASAP).

The movie opens with Georgiana Spencer and a group of friends.  Among those friends is Charles Grey, and you can tell there's a connection there.  Watching the young people are Georgiana's mother and William, the Duke of Devonshire.  The Duke is looking for a young wife so he can have his heir.  That's all he demands of a wife, loyalty and an heir.  So the Duke agrees to marry Georgiana.

Georgiana has 2 girls and hovering always in her mind is the male heir that she cannot produce.  On a trip to Bath, Georgiana meets Lady Elizabeth Foster, a woman who's husband has taken her 3 children away from her and beats her.  Georgiana invites Elizabeth to stay with them and eventually William and Elizabeth begin an affair.  Georgiana is heartbroken that her husband has stolen her friend, and is further depressed when William refuses to send Elizabeth away and actually moves her 3 young sons into their home.

Georgiana attempts to strike a deal with William, she'll bless his affair if he can let her be with Charles Gray, the man she truly loves.  William rapes Georgiana and tells her if she gives him a son, she can have Charles.  Georgiana eventually gives William a son and she begins an affair with Charles.  William quickly puts a stop to that and tears the two lovers apart, threatening to take Georgiana's children away from her forever and ruin Charles' political career.  

Georgiana's pain only worsens when the child she has with Charles is practically torn from her arms to be raised by Charles' family.  

The Duchess is a heartbreaking tale, beautiful to watch and very engrossing.  Everyone's acting is excellent and the costumes were lush.  Good stuff!!

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I have this one coming up in my list. I really want to watch this one.

Ohh, As as I read the description I wanted to know if there was a book about it.

I want to read!

Hope you like it Izzy. :P

Seneca-I ordered it. Can't wait to get it.

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