New Releases on DVD January 27  

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Vicky Christina Barcelona is my pick for this week. Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johanssen, Javier Bardem? Hotness times three, imo. I'm definitely renting this.
Another one I'm for sure renting. Edward Norton has got it. Whatever it is, he has it. I love watching this guy act. And Colin Farrel isn't too shabby either. I love Irishmen. What can I say?
Dad went and saw this in the theater, said it wasn't too bad. Patrick Wilson is in this movie, another good guy to watch. Yum.
I liked Open Season - didn't realize a number 2 was coming out. I think my brother wants to see it, so I'll check it out at the same time. On the sly, you know? LOL
Meh, although it stars one of my fave actors from the NBC show The Office, not sure if I'm going to see this now or wait for it to be on tv. We shall see.

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The first two, I'll watch. The rocker... that'll be a joey movie.

Well I've now seen two out of 5. LOL

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