TV: One Tree Hill- A Hand To Take Hold of the Scene.  

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It's been a couple of weeks since I've written up my thoughts on my favoritest show in the whole entire world, One Tree Hill. Last week, the show came back from hiatus and I'll tell you one thing, that man pictured to your left right there is a huge reason why I'm so in love with this show.

There isn't much drama on the show right now because Sam is saved by Brooke and Brooke kicked some serious Q's killer ass last week. I'm glad that it was Brooke that took him down and not Julian, who by the way looked like a total spaz just standing there watching Brooke beat up Q's killer but whatever, I heart Julian. If he turns out to be this psycho ex boyfriend of Peyton's, I can't even bring myself to care because I seriously heart this guy on the show.

The way that he's stepped up and helped Brooke find Sam and then just the way that he is with Brooke, I facking love it. I've got to wonder what his deal is though, it's got to be that he's not over Peyton and he's come back to try to win her back but things are going to get messy when he connects with Brooke. I think maybe he's going to use Brooke to get over Peyton and Brooke is going to find out about that and she's going to go back to being unlucky in love because I can't help but wonder if Owen's completely out of Brooke's life. Do you guys think he is? I'm not so sure.

I thought Brooke was soooo cute when she was trying to figure out what the heck her meet up with Julian really was...was it a date? a business meeting? Seriously, when she was up there doing the whole drinks thing, I couldn't stop laughing because she's so cute and when Julian brought the wine, I did a little happy dance for her because she totally deserves to have someone, she needs someone to share her troubles with and though I'm happy it's not Lucas, I want it to be Julian. I'm a really big Brulian fan and seriously, how cute was their kiss? Awwwww, the whole lead up to their first kiss was too cute and it had me all grinning like an idiot because I could care less about the other storylines, I wanted to see nothing but Brulian last night and I was rewarded with a first kiss, YAY!

Lucas and Peyton are kind of boring me right now with their almost married bliss. There's no kind of drama behind them so I'm thinking there's going to be complications with the pregnancy and they're going to have some kind of scare just to shake up their storyline a little bit. I still love them to pieces but I find myself more interested in the others on the show then them and that's never happened before.

Nathan and Haley continue to be amazingly cute, especially Nathan with him trying to make Chase look like a stud on his first date with Mia. Goodness, Nathan grew up to be such a good man which is the complete opposite of his Dad and speaking of his Dad, where the hell is Dan? Did he end up dying or something? I haven't seen him in a while and where the hell is Nanny Deb?

Chase and Mia are a cute couple too, all this couple swapping should probably disgust me but it doesn't, I like Mia and Chase and I'm rooting them on....go 'head Stephen from Laguna Beach. The whole Mouth and Millicent thing makes me roll my eyes, I don't care about it. I think that Millicent was so stupid and though Mouth was no angel (or too much of an angel) he didn't deserve what Millicent did but whatever, those two irritate me so I don't pay them much attention.

Sam and Jack. I think these two are a little cute couple as well, I wonder what's going to happen to Jack now that he's orphaned again...where is he going to end up? Is he going to end up forgetting Sam or turn out like his brother? Curious minds want to know...

Next week is going to be another cute episode and I'm all excited about it. More Julian and Brooke and more Julian and Lucas. Woo hoo, can't frickin' wait!

Until next week....

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