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I watched Castle last night. It kind of reminds me of Bones. Instead of an FBI agent, you have a detective Kate Beckett. Instead of a brainy forensic anthropologist who writes book, you have Richard Castle, a mystery novelist. Ok, so not exactly like Bones... but still.

Turns out two of Kate's murders are copy cats from Richard's books. Not exact copies, but enough to ask if they can look at his fan mail. The find a letter that links the fan to all the murders (a third one occurred) and they have their man.

Except it's too simple. So Richard decides to investigate further much to Kate's annoyance. By the end of the show, Kate finds out that Richard is going to be tagging along with her for research for a new series based on Kate. Kate is not happy.

I did like the show. It had it's funny moments so I'll keep watching this one. Did anyone else watch?


This one just isn't grabbing me. I was fast forwarding a lot. Which sucks cause I wanted to like this show.

Life on Mars

I can't believe they are cancelling this one!! I like this show.

I liked how Sam was betting against Ray with the fight knowing who is going to win. Ha ha. Might as well have fun if you are stuck in the past.

I'm hoping that they'll show Sam get back home and maybe visit Annie in the future. Just to see how she is.

I like last week's episode but I did not like that professor at all.

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I really liked Castle! Pure fun, says me. :-D

I agree about wanting to like Dollhouse more than I do. Still, I don't watch anything else on Friday so I'll stick with it.

I dvr'd Castle. The one part I did see was funny, so can't wait until I get home! LOL

I've dvr'd every episode of dollhouse, but again, NO TIME. Will get to it though.

I enjoyed Castle and will continue to DVR it. I started Dollhouse and never finished so I guess I'm done until I know the show will continue. Shows getting canceled after a year and then having the networks put them up for sale as 'whole series' except the show just ends. Ugh.

Oops mini-rant ;)


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