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Sarah Connor

I'm upset. We were gonna watch this last night and our recording was crappy. For some reason Sarah Connor records all skippy. Everything else is fine. This happening to anyone else?

I went on It Happened Last Night, they said Riley finally gets killed. Hate to say it but about time. Ok, I know that sounds wrong but I didn't like Riley. Turns out it was Jesse who killed Riley. Jesse meant for Cameron to kill Riley so John would turn his back on Cameron. From what I read Jesse is going to try and frame Cameron.

Looks like I missed a good one.

Burn Notice

Wow. The season two finale was great.

Michael has Victor all tied up. Turns out Victor was in the CIA. He was burned, his wife and child were killed and then Carla recruited him for whatever it is they are working for. But Victor found out Carla had his family killed so she could recruit him. That's jacked up. So now Victor is out to get Carla. Or expose her. Michael offers to help.

Carla and gang find out Victor has been missing and track him to where Michael has him stashed. So now they have all these people after them. A few car chases later, they make it to Victor's boat with evidence about Carla. Victor is shot. Carla calls Michael and demands he either kill Victor or she kills them both. Just when she's about kill them, Fi shoots Carla dead. Which yeah! As Fi said, "Finally."

Victor tells Michael to just kill him. Cause if the company gets a hold of Victor, he's dead anyways. That scene was too sad. I started to like Victor.

Michael boards a helicopter with the boss. Boss tries to recruit Michael. Not having it. Fine then boss says. Then all the enemies we've been holding at bay are gonna come at you. No more protection. Michael says he'll take his chances. He jumps out of the copter into the ocean and begins his swim back.

I can't wait for next season. I loved when Fi kissed and then slapped Michael.

Life On Mars

I liked last night's episode!!!!! With Sam going around saying he's Tom Cruise and about "risky business". Ha ha ha.

The gang finds a dead body of a stewardess named Valerie. She looks an awful lot like Annie. So Annie decides go undercover as Valerie to find out who killed the real Valerie.

At first they think it's a passenger on one of Valerie's flights. No, he just likes collecting the stewardess's panties. So he's out. Sam has a hunch it's the captain of the plane who likes to flirt with all the stewardess despite being married and his wife being right there.

Annie flirts with him, telling him all the things she wants to do with him with ice cream. Chris wanting some ice cream afterwards (they guys planted a bug on annie so they can listen) was just funny. So the captain invites Annie a party. Oh and bring a friend. It's a key party. The guys decide it should be Sam who goes as Annie's date.

As Annie and Sam are getting ready, Sam tells Annie if a guy gets fresh to hit him in the trachea or groin. Annie tells Sam of the back story she thought up for them. Sam likes his better: they met when Sam beat up a guy who was hitting on her. Sam gets all worked up with worry and maybe jealousy? over Annie so he punches the locker. He realizes how he's acting and says her story will work fine. Annie is smiling over Sam's reaction. Awwww

They get to the part and Sam is introduced as Tom Cruise. Then this scene happens.

Too funny. Another scene I thought was cute was when Annie tells Sam that Valerie's room is full of David Cassidy posters. "I think I love you" Sams says. "Huh?" says a confused Annie. Sam explains its The Partridge's Family biggest hit. Then he smacks himself. Tee hee.

So sad this show is canceled.

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