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Last night on ANTM, the girls got hot with some firemen. Who can blame them?

So I missed last week's makeover episode because I was in Vegas. I love the makeover episodes-but the results this week are good. The contestants look good. I like Whitney's blond hair and Marvita's long locks with the shortness still in front.

So who went home last night? Well it came down to Amis and Fatima. With Amis, the judges doubted if she even wanted to be on the show. (They tore apart her outfit, with a headband. A headband for goodness sakes!) Amis' defense was that she uses humour to cover up nervousness.

With Fatima, the judges felt she was relying too much on her prettiness and not really making an effort. However, one thing I do not doubt is Fatima wanting to be on the show.

And I believe that's what made the judges kick Amis to the curb - Fatima's drive is stronger.

So buh bye Amis.

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