Castle, Bones, and Grey's Anatomy  

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My favorite scene is when Castle and Beckett are in the elevator.

“Six months.” ~Beckett
“What?” ~Castle
“We dated for six months.” ~Beckett
“I didn’t ask.” ~Castle
“I know. You were not asking very loudly.” ~Beckett
“I know! I’m a good Jedi like that!” ~Castle

Just the look on his face. But yes I am loving this show so far. So didn't see the mom as the kidnapper. I thought it was the dad. I was wrong.


Wow. With Izzy's tumor and her seeing Denny, I should known something was up when Booth was seeing things. Turns out Booth has a benign tumor. Which I know he'll be ok. The last scene where he keeps looking for Bones was just touching. And how he smiled when he finally saw her standing there. *sigh*

The other stuff going on, Bones saying she wants a baby just like that was kind of sudden. I told a friend, maybe she's been wanting one but just summing up on being the practical thing to do. I knew Booth wouldn't be able to just provide his sperm and not just leave Bones to raise the child alone. I knew eventually he'd admit to her and himself he'd want to be involved.

I loved how she went about telling everyone how she was going to have baby and then went right to talking about the murder case. Like it was no big deal. Also, I got see the dancing phalanges again. Lol.

The scenes with Stewie Griffin were funny. I was worried about it being cheesy, but I thought it was well done.

Grey's Anatomy:

Izzie and Alex got married. wow. I didn't see that one coming. I knew there would be a wedding. Someone at work teased me saying Meredith and Derek wouldn't get married. No, they already did the no wedding thing with Christina and Burke. By the way Christina asking Meredith if she needs her eyebrows shaved was funny. So there will be a wedding. And there was, just not Meredith and Derek. And you know, it makes sense. Cause that was Izzie's dream wedding. Not meredith's. So I am content with it.

Izzie saw denny again, so she knew she had a tumor. But it didn't show up on the scan. So derek hooked stuff up to her to try and map it. So while izzie is trying to see denny again, she talks about how how she associates denny with death and alex is her future. Finally she see's Denny and tumor. But the tumor is too small for derek to get to it.

Derek says how he wished he could do something. And bailey has an idea. Which derek pitches to meredith and she pitches to Alex. Meredith shows up in izzie's room with the wedding dress saying it's her dress and alex shows up in the tux.

George walked izzie down the aisle when she started to feel weak. Which was fitting. When I saw Izzie walking alone, i thinking, "why is George not with her!" Then he went and helped her.

I love Alex. He has grown so much. And when he was crying over Izzie, I wanted to hug him. Sigh. I'm hoping she doesn't die cause I'd hate for Alex to lose her. His vows were sweet. Yeah he got them from the patient but I don't care. Here are his vows:

Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me – just a smart mouth kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself – today I become accountable to you, to our future, to all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer. Together no matter what happens I’ll be ready – for anything, for everything - to take on life, to take on love, to take on possibility and responsibility. Today Izzie Stevens our life together begins and I for one can’t wait.

Can't wait to see what happens next week.

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You make me want to watch this show again...I need to get on it. That sounds so cute. Both Bones and Grey's. It looks like I'm missing out. What would I do without your recaps and thoughts? You rock.

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