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Beckett's mom was murdered and they never caught the murderer. The person investigating said it was just a random killing. Beckett has looked at the case file numerous times but came up with nothing.

Castle manages to get a hold of the file and has his friend look at it. Turns out there was something someone missed. It was made to look like a random killing. He also found out there were some other killings just like Beckett's mom. Castles asks if they were related.

Cut to scene where Castle confronts Beckett. He tells her to sit down and "It's about your mom" Then the show is over.

I really hope this show in renewed so we can find out what happens.

And Castle wanting to greet Alexis's date with a fake severed head, cute.


I admit... I read the spoilers about the season finale. I knew what the episode was going to be like and how it would end. I'm a spoiler hoe. What can I say? I know a lot of people didn't like this episode and thought it sucked as a finale. I liked it. I thought it was cute.

It was like an alternate version of the Bones crew. But it turned out to be Brennan working on her novel. Booth's surgery went well but something happened with the anesthesia. He was in a coma for 4 days. He wakes all groggy. Brennan is so happy he's finally awake. He mumbles about it being so real and then asks, "Who are you?"

Damn. So now I wonder, what episode her novel or his dream? Amnesia is kind of overdone, but I think they can work with it. It just sucks that it seems Brennan finally realizes ( i think) she loves Booth and he may not remember her.

Grey's Anatomy

Holy crap. Holy crap.

I knew there would be a cliffhanger with Izzy. So when she flat lined and it seemed like we didn't know if she lived or died, I expected that.

It sucked how it seem she'd only have short term memory. Poor Alex trying to get her to remember and all those post it notes. Sigh... How happy he was when he realized Izzy remembered to tell Christina about their fight on their own. As Alex hugs her, she goes limp. He tries to save her but Christina reminds him of the DNR Izzy signed. Chief finally says "Screw it" and they work to save Izzy with Alex crying in the background.


Then we have George. When the army came in wanting his leg cut off so he could return to Iraq and explained how he fit in more there, I knew that's where George was heading. I figured it was him enlisting in the army.

Then that John Doe comes in. John Doe pushed a girl out of the way from being hit by a bus. John Doe instead got hit and dragged by the bus. He looked in horrible shape.

When he first looked at Meredith, I thought it was her dad. The way he kept grabbing her hand. I had forgotten the 007 nickname, so when Meredith realized it was George, I was in shock. Total shock. I was not expecting that all.

And the final scene with Izzy in her prom dress and the elevator doors opening to reveal George in dress uniform.... I cried. I'm wondering what's going to happen with those characters. I've been reading the message boards and everyone seems to think George is dead and izzy is still in limbo.

I guess we have to wait for fall.

Meredith and Derek got married via post it note. Which was cute. Although the post it notes reminds me of Dead Like Me. I hope they have a real ceremony. Whether it be by church or city hall, I don't care.

Hunt and Christina, I hope they can work towards a relationship. When she said she loved him, sigh. I don't ever remember her every saying I love you to Burke. Hunt has grown on me. I didn't like him at first now I'm rooting for him. But my heart still belongs to Alex.

Mark and Lexie.. hee he. How the tables have turned. Mark wants to take a step forward in their relationship and Lexie doesn't. Too funny.

Prison Break

I haven't been watching the new episodes. But I made sure to watch the last 15 minutes with the final episode of the final season.

Micheal and the gang do finally get exonerated by Kellerman. I thought he died in season 2. I was wrong. And they all vote for T Bag to go back to jail. HA HA HA HA! I really wish he died but going back to prison is good too.

Michael and Sara are together and talk about raising their kid together. So happy Sara wasn't was bad guy. YAY!!! Then Michael has a nose bleed. I thought they fixed that!

Flash forward 4 years.

Linc is saying to bye to Sofia. Sucre says good bye to his little girl. C Note looks up at the sky. Mahone mails something to Pam (forget who she is) and kisses his friend/girlfriend/wife. T Bag is in jail. HA HA!

Sara is buying flowers and tells her son they're going to see Daddy. Kellerman is a big shot and some lady spits in his face. I can't remember the guy she mentioned. Was it Kellerman's partner?

Mahone, Linc, Sucre, Sara and Michael's son all meet to see Michael and his freaking grave!!!!!! He died! What the hell people. You couldn't leave it at Michael and Sara on the beach. Sigh.

Oh well, at least they somewhat got a happy ever after.

I cannot wait until Fall. But I'll have Burn Notice and Leverage to keep me happy during the summer.

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I don't watch any of these shows. I'm hooked on reality TV these days.

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