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So I went and saw Star Trek on Saturday. I'm already planning on seeing it again.

That's right, I LOVED it!!

I grew up watching Star Trek with my papa and I loved revisiting the franchise. I'm not a hard core Trekkie or anything, but I do enjoy the adventures of the starship Enterprise. LOL

Also, young Spock is sexy. The cast was excellent all the way around, there was awesome action, they were emotional scenes that almost had me crying (the beginning!) and it had some great funny scenes.

Even if you don't like Star Trek (in any of its incantations) you will enjoy this movie. It takes us back to the beginning and to an alternate reality. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!

Also, Eric Bana is in it.

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I've never really followed the Star Trek franchise but I'm going with my Trekkie friend tonight to see it. Looking forward to it...heard a lot of good things!!!

We are going to watch this on sunday.

And Mollie, what did you think of it?

Izzy - I think you might like it. :P Let me know!

HA! Hardcore Trekkie here and I loved it too! :)

heh my verification word was eusles ... sounds like a good name for a JR Ward parody- Eusles (Useless)...

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