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My co worker loaned me the dvds to both seasons of Dead Like Me and the straight to DVD movie.

It's a show about a bunch of grim reapers. The main character, Georgia "George" Lass is on her lunch break on first day of work with her new job. A job her mom forced her to take. (her mom can be soooo ugh sometimes). As she wandering around, a man asks her name. She asks why and she remembers the name tag she has to wear that says, "Ask me my name" She answers him. He then brushes his hand against her which she finds weird.

A few moments later, a toilet seat from the from the de-orbiting of the Mir space station falls from the sky (it was on the news) and kills George. Which earns her the nickname Toilet Seat Girl among the reaper community. The man who touched her was a grim a reaper. He removed her soul. George was his last reap, so he gets to move to the great beyond. Since George was the last reap, she has to take his place until she meets her quota. Each reaper has their own quota and they don't know what it is until they meet it.

From Wikipedia

Groups of Reapers are organized into "divisions" according to various causes of death. In addition to Rube's "external influence" team, the three other divisions mentioned in the series are Circulatory Systems Division, the very uneventful and bored Reapers of the Plague Division (who spend much of their time playing golf) and the Natural Causes (Old Age) Division mentioned in the 27th and 28th episodes (according to the running order). However, George (and Reggie) do meet a child Reaper who reaps the souls of animals; he died when he was run over by a car which was driven by a female drunk driver. The teams are apparently organized into jurisdictions of geographical areas, with several teams associated with different causes of death operating within one area. It is not known how much geographical area a single division covers, but the Reapers in the series seem to only cover the area around Seattle and King County, Washington.

She joins Rube (head reaper) and his merry band of reapers: Mason, Betty (she later leaves and is replaced by Daisy. Daisy Adair) and Roxy. They all meet at Der Waffel Haus where they get their assignments. You see, Rube gets a list of names from unknown person. He writes down the first initial of the first name, the last name, the estimated time of death and the place of the person on a post it. The reaper than must go and collect soul. Once a reaper receives a post it note, it's non transferable. If they fail to collect the soul, it will wither and die in the body. It will also make the gravelings come after the reaper.

From wikipedia:

Gravelings are mischievous gremlin-like creatures that cause the accidents and mishaps that kill people. The living generally cannot see them, though in one episode, a schizophrenic was able to, although Rube refused to believe that was possible. Reapers can see and interact with them to some extent: Daisy once shushed a Graveling; Rube yelled "Get outta here!" once when seeing Gravelings playing on a cemetery statue; and George once chased several angry Gravelings around her apartment. Although Gravelings seem to be self-aware and recognize the Reapers, they do not communicate verbally with them, and talk to each other in a hushed and unintelligible babble; other times they growl or hiss.

Since grim reapers are undead, they have a new body so that no one will recognize them. So the group will see how they were, but normal people will see them as their new self. Does that make sense? On Halloween the rest of the public will see a reaper how they once were. But reapers can go on an live a somewhat normal life. George goes back to former job and reapplies as "Millie." She tries to make a fresh start but can't help but keep tabs on her family.

I really liked this show. I love Mason. Poor Mason. He was shot, run over, drank dry ice, sprayed his eggs with pepper spray and ate them. Because reapers are undead, they can't be killed again but they do feel pain and they heal faster. I loved Rube too. I think he had the best lines.

If you have a chance to watch this series, you really should. It's a great show.

This is a longer clip, but I like when Mason makes a comment about Roxy's dress.

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Dammit, stop telling me about new shows I want to try out...I haven't been watching TV all that much lately and now I'm wanting to get back into it. Sigh.

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