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Something happened to me this season. I stopped watching T.V. I started reading more and I stopped watching a good chunk of the TV shows that I have watched from the beginning but the one show that I still watch religiously is One Tree Hill.

I've always been a One Tree Hill nut, I've watched this show from the beginning of the show and besides Grace, I'm one of the very few people out of my friends that still watches this show, every week. I've watched this show through the different couple shuffles, watched cast members come and go (where the hell is Deb? Did I miss that episode?) and I've stuck with this show through thick and thin but this latest batch of rumors, which aren't even rumors anymore considering everyone is claiming that they're facts is really bothering me.

I haven't been as captivated by this show as I used to this season but I've still watched it. I've watched it because these are my favorite characters and I have enjoyed watching them grow into the characters that they are right now. I've seen Nathan when he was this jerk of a teenager who hated his half brother. I've watched Haley grow from the nerdy tutor girl to the sexy mom that she is now. I remember when Brooke was Bitchy Brooke and when she took one O out of her name because her parents were BROKE. I remember when Mouth used to do his little sportscaster thing on the bleachers at the River Court while Lucas and Skills played on the court. I remember the first time that Peyton and Lucas talked and I remember in class when Peyton described Lucas in one word and used the word, CHOKE. I remember when Lucas turned in Peyton's sketches into Thud Magazine because her art mattered to him.

I've oohed and ahhed and screamed in frustration and delighted in their achievements. I loved these damn characters and so when I hear that two of the main characters are not returning to the show next season, I get good and pissed.

Hillarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray are not returning to One Tree Hill next season. They play Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer (now Peyton Scott since they got married this week, woo hoo, FINALLY!) and the entire show was built around their characters. A huge part of the show was the romance between Lucas and Peyton and they're like the backbone of this show and to see and hear that they're not returning it makes me wonder...why?

Over money issues?


I just don't see how this show can survive without them. This show was built on them and their relationship and I just don't see how fans will continue to come back without them there. I know that there are plenty of Nathan/Haley fans and now Brooke/Julian fans but how can you have Brooke without Peyton? Haley AND Nathan without Lucas? And with the way that they're leading up to the finale, are they going to kill Peyton off? THEY BETTER NOT. But how else will they write them off?

Ugh, this really sucks because I seriously love both Lucas and Peyton. I know that they've been quite boring this season but I just can't see how One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton can continue and actually last.

For all you One Tree Hillers out there, will you guys continue to watch the show without Luc and P. Sawyer? Do you think that the show will last without them? What are your thoughts about them leaving the show?

Speak on it.

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I hadn't heard they were leaving - that's lousy! I can't imagine that they have projects lined up or anything. Especially Hilarie. Hmmph.

I'll check it out next season and see if it holds my attention. It might be fine...I like Brooke and Julian. Watching him chase her could be entertaining.

I know what you mean because seriously...the movies that Hilarie has been in have sucked big donkey balls and to see her leave this show, where she's loved seems really dumb to me.

I'll be checking it out next season too since I've become such a huge fan of Brooke and Julian and I can't wait to see how Nathan fares in the NBA, woo hoo for the NBA!

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