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First of all, I have to thank Rowena for introducing me to this show. I caught the end of season 2 and was intrigued enough to see how Season 3 would play out. I loved it and decided I had to go back and see how it all began. Also, FNL was one of those shows that I always heard was really good but that was always facing the chopping block. I'm happy to say that Friday Night Lights is back for two more seasons.

So Friday Night Lights is about high school football, namely the Dillon Panthers and there's a wide range of characters. The main characters are Coach Eric Taylor, his wife Tami, their daughter Julie, and various players, from Tim Riggins (yum) to Matt Saracen (yum yum).

Season 1 starts with Coach Taylor as the new head coach. At his very first game as head coach, the star quarterback, Jason Street is in a horrible accident that leaves him paralyzed. Stepping into Jason's shoes to finish the game (and to win it) is Matt Saracen, an artistic fella who was happy to stay in Jason's shadow.

Jason had it all - he was going to a great college and he had the head cheerleader, Lyla Garrity as his girlfriend. When he got hurt, almost everyone stood behind him, except his friend Tim Riggins, another player.

Tim Riggins is the bad boy that all the girls love. Throughout the whole season I loved Tim's character. He's a sweet bad boy, which is a lethal combination in my opinion. He's not perfect, he can drink too much, he's not excelling academically, but if you need back up, he's there for you (unless you're Jason Street). There is tension between the two best friends and her name is Lyla. Lyla did a bad bad thing - and she comes off as such a goody goody. Bitch. LOL

Now back to Matt. Matt is such a sweetie. He's having to adjust really fast to being the new star quarterback and the center of attention. He's in charge of taking care of his senile grandma and he has a part-time job. A very responsible guy, Matt has a crush on the Coach's daughter, Julie. Let me tell you, I loved the way this played out. There's one episode where Coach has to bring Matt along to one of Julie's dance shows and the two men share quite the look, one guy wanting the girl and the other wanting to protect her. There was some excellent acting in that scene.

I'm not going to go further into all the characters because I could just go on and on. All I'm going to say is this, FNL is excellent and it features a wide range of excellent actors. There were some real touching scenes and I even cried at one of them. You really get caught up in this small Texas town and even though I'm not the biggest fan of football, I'm a big fan of FNL. Check it out!

Here is some of the eye candy from the show. I read a quote somewhere: "F*** Tim Riggins, date Matt Saracen, but marry the Coach." I agree with that quote. LOL

Naughty Tim Riggins

Sweet Matt Saracen

Sexy Coach Taylor.
Really, those eyelashes kill me.

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