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Episode Guide.

The body of District Attorney, Buckley, falls from the roof and lands on a couple’s car. He was an upstanding guy so it’s a surprise when they find out he took over a call girl operation. Seems when Buckley got divorced, his wife cleaned him out. So he took over the operation for some extra cash. Well one of the call girls decided she wanted business and pushed Buckley off the roof. She had Castle fooled though. She played the part of only joining the business to earn money for law school. Yeah right. Maybe that's what she set off to do but when Castle and the gang catch up to her, she'll looking mighty at home running the business.

One of my favorite scenes was when Castle got punched in the jaw at a bar fight (he was a bystander) and Beckett had to stop it.

Good Wife

Peter has a court date. This is so he can go on house arrest I believe. Alicia will have to testify that she wants Peter back home. You can tell she’s not sure of what she wants. Alicia on the stand was kick ass. Cause the prosecutor (?) was just trying to get Alicia all flustered. But she held her own. You go Alicia. Peter was denied bail because he was accused of bribing the judge, which he didn’t.

Also, another delivery was made to the apartment. This time it’s a DVD of Peter looking like he did a shady business deal. His son hides his iPod recorder in a plant to catch whoever is making the delivery. The son comes home to find the iPod knocked over. The janitor did it on accident. The son catches someone taking pictures of the outside of the apartment but you can’t see who the person is.


Full recap

The glee kids drew names out of a hat to sing a ballad. Rachel gets Will. Watching them sing Endless Love was funny. Will all freaking out over the crazed look in her eye. Rachel noticing Will's eyes and that he's cute. Kurt thinking he could sing that song to Finn but “screw him if he think he’s stealing the Diana Ross part from me.” LMAO!

Puck admits to Mercedes the baby is his not Finn. And then Mercedes gives thee most dumb advice ever. She tells Puck to get over it. WTF? So it’s ok for Quinn to LIE and try and pass the baby off as Finn’s. Geez. I’m glad someone knows the truth now. I really hope Puck tells someone else.

Finn is caught singing to the sonogram by his mom. He tearfully admits to his about Quinn. Man.. my heart broke. With Kurt’s advice, Finn sings to Quinn, in front her parents, You’re Having my Baby. Of course Quinn’s parents are not at all happy. Her dad kicks her out. Finn’s mom lets Quinn stay with them.

Rachel gets over her crush and gives will some “Sorry I was acting crazy” flowers. Ha ha.



Booth’s grandfather, Pops, has been kicked out of his retirement home. So Booth lets Pops stay with him. Pops is a cute old man. He keeps asking Booth why he’s not with Brennan, if he’s gay and that he must have not raised Booth right. Poor Booth. Ha ha. Pops and Brennan hit it off. Booth looks please at how well Pops and Brennan get along.

After Pops leaves a towel on the stove and causes a fire, Booth considers taking some time off. Pops has been a little forgetful and got lost while visiting a friend. Except Pops tells Booth he’s going back to the retirement home. His friend needs him.

Booth and Brennan drop Pops off at the home. Pops tells Brennan not to be scared and life is too short. She plays dumb and says she doesn’t understand. Pops says yes you do. He also told her earlier that Booth’s father never ran out on the Booth boys. Pops caught him beating the kids. Pops couldn’t let him do that and kicked him out. Booth’s father never came back. Pops never told Booth the truth. He told Brennan when the time is right to tell Booth and when she does, to hold him.

I wonder if they are going to bring Booth’s father back. That would be one interesting story line right there. As Booth and Brennan leave the retirement home, he compliments the thing (necklace) around her neck. Awwww que cute!!!! Another cute scene is when they are the club and Pops is dancing with the ladies. Ha ha. Or how about when a lady ask Booth and Brennan if they are a couple? Instead of saying no, he puts his arm around her and says yes. *Squee*

Grey's Anatomy


Mark is a dad will soon be a grandpa.

Hunt asks Teddy why she admitted her feelings for him now. Apparently he had the same feelings for her. For a moment I thought he was going to kiss teddy but then he tells her he loves Christina. He leaves. Christina has noticed the looks Hunt and teddy have exchanged. She confronts Owen but he tells he loves her. I don’t know, it was looking pretty steamy between him and Teddy. I admit… I like Hunt and teddy together. I don’t know why.

Chief is drinking too much and Meredith is the only one who knows.

Izzy still isn’t back.

Baily finally tells her father she’s divorced.

That’s about it for Grey’s. I liked the story with the girl who doesn’thave a heart. I love the song that was playing when she was out in the snow. I looked all over for that video clip, but I can't find it. Oh well. It's a pretty song.

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Alright, I'm going to go down the list and comment on the shows that I watch. Thanks for doing this post up, I didn't know until I reading this post that I'd like to discuss these shows, haha.

The Good Wife- I'm really loving The Good Wife. And I agree, Alicia on the witness stand kicked ass and when she put the prosecutor in his place, I did a happy dance. She was amazing up there.

Now see with the son, I'm not sure what I feel. On one hand, I'm annoyed with him for taking this on all by himself but on the other hand, I can see why he's doing it. It's his Dad. But it's annoying that he won't tell Alicia about all of that stuff. Ugh.


Do you think that Alicia and Peter are going to get back together? I don't want them to. I'm still Team Will right now, haha.

Glee- I really liked last week's episode of Glee. All of the musical numbers and just the silliness of the episode had me enjoying the heck out of it but I'm seriously pissed off at Mercedes. I mean seriously, who the hell died and made her the knower of all things? Especially since she's Miss NEVER BEEN KISSED? How in the hell would she know what's best for them if she's never even been in a relationship before? And what about Puck? Why does Puck have to get dicked over because they don't want to hurt Finn? I mean, yeah it's going to suck for Finn but it's going to suck ten times more for Puck because he has to deny his kid? Ugh that just pisses me off and the longer they drag this out, the more I hate Quinn because she's such a bitch.

I didn't feel bad for her when her Dad kicked her out except I hate parents like Quinn's where they think they're so perfect and they thumb their noses down at people who aren't perfect and make mistakes. Drives me bat shit crazy!

But dude, when Finn broke out into song at the dinner table, singing So You're Having My Baby, I laughed throughout the whole episode. Too frickin' funny.

and even though I was annoyed with Mercedes, I thought she got off when they sang Lean on Me. It was the bomb.

Rachel and Will had me crackin up..even Pepper, haha. When Will sang that don't stand so close to me song and Emma was like, "You're such a good performer" I was laughing like a loon. Frickin' Emma and Rachel, both having a crush on Will.

Goodness, I love this show!

Okay, long ass comment, haha.

It's ok, i still love you. lol.

I don't know if she'll get back with peter. I don't want her to at this point. I want her with Will!

I can understand why the son doesn't want to tell Alicia. But he should show the info to someone that can help him.

oh! Doesn't the guy in the first picture look like Eric!!!! He kind of acted like eric too. LMAO!

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