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...these days.

I've been pretty lazy at writing up my thoughts on the shows that I watch and I don't really have an excuse other than I'm just...lazy to do it. But I thought that I'd catch up with my thoughts so that I can keep track of the shows that I'm watching and what I'm thinking on them at the moment. Starting with...

One Tree Hill: Lots of things going on with the folks of Tree Hill. Nathan is in negotiations for a new contract and some hooker from a party that him and Clay threw comes back claiming to be pregnant with his kid and throws his life for a loop. Haley's on the fence about believing him especially since the girl's phone number shows up on Nathan's phone bill and you can see the toll it takes on little Jamie because he's so confused and what not. Everything washes out and Nathan comes out on top because he refuses to pay and the most unlikeliest of allies helps to clear Nathan...Dan.

Brooke is having issues of her own. Her boyfriend has been working with her model and fails to tell her that her model got naked for her boyfriend and so not surprisingly, she's pissed. Julian apologizes and they work on their problems only to have Alex (Brooke's model) keep popping up. This past week, Brooke has a pregnancy scare (well pregnacy hope is more appropriate to describe Brooke's feelings over the whole thing) and when she finds out that she's not pregnant, she's disappointed and then further disappointed when Julian leaves their date to go to Alex. It's pretty crazy to see Brooke not the confident bitchy Brooke that we used to know. I miss that Brooke and I really need her to realize her worth before she drives me up the frickin' wall. She got by without Julian before and she'll do it again and kick Alex's ass already. Julian is an idiot and Alex is a dumb broad. Brooke can do way better than the both of them.

The newcomers to the show, Clay and Quinn are going to start bumping uglies pretty soon. Right now, they're helping Clay get over his dead wife and Quinn is trying to move on from her soon to be ex husband. This story is pretty lame, especially since they both get on my nerves and I hate looking at Quinn talk, she talks funny and her eyes are dead. Meh, not excited about this storyline, I could care less about the others. These two make me miss Lucas and Peyton so much more than I let on. What makes me laugh is that Quinn looks more like she'd be Rachel's sister than Haley and she's too goody good. It gets on my nerves. Haha on Clay, the Bobcats straight pulled a Trevor Ariza on your ass...what is he going to do now?

Overall this show isn't getting me as excited as I used to be. I miss the old cast. I want the old cast back together again, all these new people just annoy me.

Next up is...

The Good Wife. This show is shipping up to be a fantastic show. I love it. This is one of the few shows that I must watch AS it's showing and while I'm recording it. It's the one show that me and my friend Foti watch together. It's funny because we watched the first episode while we were chatting and we were just curious about the show, it had a good synopsis and I'm was curious enough that I remembered when it came on and after that first episode, I was hooked. I seriously heart Alicia. I think she rocks! She's so smart and she's so good at what she does that it's great to see her in action each week. I personally do not want her to get back with Peter, I want her to hump Will but I also want her to hook up with Ryan from last night's episode. I know that we'll be seeing more from him in the coming episodes (we so better after last night's ep) and I'm so excited to see so many different storylines opening up. Peter is due in court, her son is investigating the pictures that were taken of his dad and the hooker, Alicia and all of the layoffs and what not. She's got a lot on her plate right now and it's going to be a really good time trying to figure everything out and watch things unfold. Can I just say that I LOVE THE INDIAN GIRL! She's my favorite character on the show, she just flat out rocks!

And we're moving on to...

Glee: This is flat out my most favoritest show of the season. I still think that Finn is dumber than a box of rocks but his dimply smile and his angelic voice makes me forget about the dim lightbulb that is his brain. Quinn still annoys the snot out of me so she's doing her job right and Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...I really enjoyed her and Puck being together. I wanted it to last longer than an episode though, maybe they'll resurrect that storyline at a later date but dude, did you guys see that Puck tells Mercedes the truth about the real baby daddy? I'm anxious to see how that pans out because you know Mercedes got a big mouth and you know that she's gonna tell Kurt and Kurt's gonna tell Tina, who's gonna tell Artie and then it's all going to get back to Finn who is going to be confused because he still thinks that babies can be conceived in a hot tub with no penetration. Idiot!

I'm curious to see what will happen between Will and Emma too. Emma better not marry Ken because even though her eyes look like they're going to pop out of her head at any moment which makes her look like the crazy lady who had too much to drink at the company party, I still like her. I like her enough to not want her to be with Ken. Ken creeps me out more than something really creepy that I can't think of right now but you know what I mean. As dumb as I think Finn is, I think Will is dumber. How in the world does he not know that Terri is not pregnant? How in the world is she able to keep that fake pregnancy a secret from him? How? HOW WILL? Buy a clue and go where your heart is...Emma.

This show is definitely shaping up to a really great one and I couldn't be happier with it. Well, yes I can because I would be happier if they explored the Rachel and Puck thing a bit further but it's okay, I still heart this show!

Last but definitely not least....

Vampire Diaries. I'll be honest and say that while I continued to watch the show, the first couple of episodes weren't as good as I thought they were going to be. I mean, it just started off really slow but things have certainly picked up and I'm super excited to see what will be happening in the coming episodes. So much has happened. We find out that Bonnie is a witch (which still, I don't give a shit about), Damon turned Vicki into a vampire and then Stefan killed her because she bit Elena and almost killed Jeremy. Damon wiped Jeremy's memory and now Jeremy is a super student and he's off the drugs, I think. Stefan and Elena are in a dark place as far as their relationship goes because ever since Elena found out the truth about what Stefan is and how bad things keep happening to the people around her, she's pumped her brakes where Stefan is concerned and she's being a whiny baby that's getting on my nerves. Caroline and Matt hooked up and the charm thingy that Damon gave Caroline is in Bonnie's hands and everytime she wears it and someone tries to take it from her, their fingers burn. It's pretty crazy but I really want to know what significance it holds to Damon. Also, one of Stefan's oldest and dearest vampire friends comes to town to celebrate Stefan's birthday with him and Damon, who is looking for a scapegoat for his crimes sets her up and stakes her ass right in front of Stefan and Elena. Whoa dang, Stefan goes ballistic and Elena is once again traumatized.

And the fun hasn't ended yet, we just haven't seen what's going to happen yet...and I for one cannot wait! Squeeeaaaaa!

Though I intended for this post to be short, as you can see I totally failed but oh well, this is what's on my mind concerning my favorite shows. These aren't the only shows that I'm watching but they're the ones that I'm obsessed with at the moment.

What are you guys watching and loving right now?

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I watched good wife today. Ryan was a hottie. Did you see how Will seemed a little jealous. I'm team Will.

Yeah, I did see that. I'm torn because I like the both of them but right now, I'm Team Will. I'll see if Team Ryan will be able to sway my vote. hehe.

Isn't she the bomb though? Alicia and the Indian girl. Isn't it funny how the Indian girl's my favorite character and I keep forgetting her name? Foti wants to hump her, haha.

Do you think she'll go back to Peter?

kalinda i think. She is pretty hot. lol.

I don't know right now. I think she's still pretty hurt with him right now.

Ugh, he's going to move back in with her and the kids? WTF? Say it aint so...if he comes back she can't hump Will!


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