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I’ve been slacking. I know. Sorry people! Here is the rundown on my thoughts so far.


Recap here.

First of all, I’ve been loving this show so far. You should really try and check it out if you haven’t. I’m developing a serious crush on Nathan Fillion.

This week an up and coming rock star, Haley is found dead hanging from a fire escape. Turns out she posed like in one of her music videos. The video is about stalker she had. They question the stalker, nope wasn’t him. They talk to her sister and ex band mates. Nope wasn’t them.

Turns out it was one of her producers. He raped her, got freaked Haley would tell, killed her, and made seem stalker guy did it. At first they thought it was the producer’s wife but that it was accidental. It wasn’t until listening to one of Haley’s song they realized it was the husband.


Recap here

My husband was really excited for this. I guess he watched the original back in the day. I thought it was all right.

Aliens have come to Earth. They swear they are all about peace and harmony and all that good stuff. They even give tours of their community so that us human may learn more about them. They cure some people of their ailments. However… it is learned later that the aliens have been here a while and they have a darker purpose.

At a resistance meeting, some of the aliens attack but there are some aliens that are on our side. I asked Joey what’s up with the aliens.

Not sure if I’ll continue watching. I mean, I’ll be sitting there reading while hubby watches but.. meh. Not my cup of tea.

The Good Wife

Recap here

Another show I’m really loving! I really want Alicia to hook up with Will. I know I should root for her to fix her marriage with Big but… no. He had his chance and he screwed it up big time. I do think he’s sorry and I do believe he loves Alicia but.. too late.

Grey’s Anatomy

Recap here

Ok.. the first couple of episodes with the merger, I couldn’t get into. It wasn’t until the episode where the girl died cause of the soot in her throat, did I start getting back into greys.

First of all, I’m annoyed with Chief. He was telling Derek last week not to operate on the guy with the tumor. It was too risky. Yet the surgery was a success. Yet he was encouraging Arizona to perform surgery on a young boy when she was against it. When she said it wouldn't help and the boy was too weak. Why? Cause of the $25 million dollar donation the parents were willing to give. He’s an ass.

I really feel bad for Alex. I can’t believe Izzy just up and left him. I don’t know how her and Alex will work things out. I always liked Izzy but this is just wrong. Even though Alex is married, I can’t help but wonder what would happen between him and Reed. But Alex holding the baby I thought was the sweetest thing. I love Alex.

What else… That’s about it. Next week looks interesting.

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I haven't watched V yet, but I'm interested. Hopefully soon.

GA: I thought that was the best episode yet, where they were doing a replay of how that lady died from everyone's POV. That scene just pulled me in and I was so involved! LOL I agree with the Chief, he's totally being an ass, but this season is interesting. I'm glad I stuck with this show.

What did you think of that one doctor kissing Christina? He's hot stuff. LOL

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