The Vampire Diaries - History Repeating (Season 1, Epi 9)  

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HOLY CRAP...Ok pissed my pants in this epi! lol Which goes to show you that this show is egtting better and better...

Stefan tells Elena he is quitting school for his beni and hers! :*( and Bonnie still has the necklace that belongs to Caroline, but b4 that Damon, and b4 that KATHERINE, and b4 that Emily (Bonnies creepy ass witch ancestor). Emily is haunting Bonnie in her dreams. The 3 girls decide to have a seance and that results in what I think Bonnie being posessed by Emily! CREEPY ASS SHIT goes on and I was freaking out...YES Im such a puss...HELLO this is a CW show BUT STILL it freaked me was a good epi!

Oh you find out that Damons reasoning for wanting the necklace back is to bring back Katherine! Omg that would be AWESOME! And omg Logan is know hes a vamp and the new teach is too! And what a powerful ending! everyone crying pulled at my heart strings FO SHO! I just hope that by Stefan leaving they arent trying to have a "New Moon moment" ya know?!?! Who knows...guess time will tell...anf lastly OMG did yall check out the preview for next week? WOOWEE...are they gonna do it?!?!?! OMG I HOPE SO!

Oh look what I came across! lol I am a T Swift fan and thought this was pretty nifty.


Paging Taylor Swift: Mystic Falls is calling you!

Or more precisely, Kevin Williamson. The man behind the CW's addictive new series Vampire Diaries reveals that he has approached Taylor to guest star on the series as a...wait for it...vampire. What would her vampalicious secret boyfriend say?

Though no deal has been struck, and Kevin fears she's "too big for Vampire Diaries now," the writer-producer is still hoping something will work out.

"I'm desperate to have [Swift] come play a vampire," Williamson says. "Wouldn't she make an amazing Kirsten Dunst circa Interview With the Vampire type? Oh my god, I cannot tell you how hard I'm trying to get her—I would kill to have her on the show!"

Turns out it would take a lot less than murder to get another certain pretty face who's surprisingly still tied to the show...

Later on they tell us that Kayla Ewell (Vicki) is still under contract and VERY WELL could show back up on Vampire Diaries! Wow! Now how would they work THAT in?!?!

Until next week...


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I thought this episode had great dialogue and character interactions, like when Bonnie tries to explain to Caroline that she doesn’t let her in on everything because she never listens, and all the back and forth between Damon and Stefan.

Also I thought this episode had great music – loved hearing Pablo Sebastian’s “Lies” during the scene when Bonnie and Elena are in the car and then Bonnie throws away the crystal, as well as Great Northern’s “Houses” which played when Jenna and Alaric talk at the Mystic Grill. You can watch those scenes on YouTube at and

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