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Izzy does a run down of her favorite shows and because I'm too lazy to type out separate posts I'm going to copy her and just summarize my thoughts on my shows from this week. I'll cover all of the shows that Izzy didn't cover in her post.

Cougar Town: This has fast become one of my favorite shows. I've got a lot of those this season, it would seem but who cares, I'm still loving all of them. I was bummed to hear that Cougar Town was shutting down production but relieved to hear that it was just so that Courtney Cox could attend to some personal problems she's got going on and not because it was being cancelled.


This show is shaping up to be one of the most funniest shows on TV right now. I'm loving Jules Cobb and I'm loving the cast of characters that make up this show. From Travis to Ellie and Andy to Bobby to Grayson to Lori, I love them all. They each bring a uniqueness to this show that never fails to have me laughing my ass off every single week. This past week was Jules birthday and she's being bullied by one of the women that she used to be friends with. The scene where both Lori (the Tramp) and Ellie (the Bitch) go after Shanna (the bully) in the bar at the resort had me dying.

Ellie: Hey Shawna.
Shanna: It's Shanna.
Ellie: Oh, nobody cares. You're being mean to our friend Jules and we won't allow it. You see, Mongo right here? She's going to kick the ever living crap out of you if you don't stop.
Lori: Yeah, she's going to hold your hands down and I... WILL BEAT YOU!
Ellie: Enjoy your drink.

Hahahaha, I rewound that part over and over again because it just made me laugh to see Lori show Shanna how she was going to be beat her. Too frickin' funny.

And then when Grayson tells Jules that he'll check on Travis while she's away and then kicks a girl out of the house and Travis "comes out" to him? Oh man, it was too frickin' funny. The look on Grayson's face, the confession Grayson shares with Travis, the money he pays Travis to keep his mouth shut and then Andy's comment at the end? Dude, hilarious!

I'm telling you, if you're not watching this show you need to be. It is too funny and I love it!

This show just keeps getting better and better each week. I'm so glad that I stuck with this show because in the beginning of the season, I wasn't too sure if I would or not. As cute as Stefan and Damon are, I didn't think it'd be enough to keep me interested but man oh man, the writing is getting fantabulous on this show! I'm hecka loving it.

Lots of things to be excited about. Is the Teacher a good guy or a bad guy? What is Damon going to do with this new bit of information about there being a way to free the 27 vamps and Katherine from underneath the Church? Holy goodness, do you guys think it's going to be a fight between Bonnie and Damon? Bonnie is going to have to step up her witch powers and take Damon's evilness on. I can't wait to see! I was glad that the Teacher (forget his name) staked Logan because I couldn't stand him no way. I just hope that the teacher really does care for Jenna. I like seeing them together. They're cute and I want the teacher to be a good guy. My theory is that he is a good guy but we're not sure because he seems bad.

The whole thing with Jeremy...what did Damon do to him? Why is he all on the straight and narrow path now? Weird. So from last week's episode, are we to assume that Tyler will have a storyline in the works? Hmm. I'm excited!

Stefan and Elena were too cute last week. When Elena confessed her love for him, I about melted into a puddle of AWWWW. How frickin' yummy is Stefan too? Good gosh, those abs? I want to lick him. I loved it and then when the episode ending with Elena in the car accident and the thing that she ran over making itself right again, I'm like, whoa dang and she doesn't have her charm thingy to help her...WHAT WAS THAT? A vampire? A werewolf? Are there werewolves in this series? Man oh man, I can't wait! I need my VD fix and I don't think we're getting one this week, huh? Am I mistaken? Hmm again.

Can't wait for more Vampire Diaries!

Fringe. Man, this show is getting good. Every week, something is happening and I keep trying to piece the puzzle pieces together and every week I find out that they don't fit. I should be annoyed but I'm not. I'm intrigued. This show is getting good and I can't for the life of me figure out what the hell Peter Bishop's deal is. Is he dead? Is he from a parallel universe? Did they bring him back or keep him alive or what? Man, he's my favorite character on the show and it's killing me that I don't know what is up with him.

This past episode where the Observers interfere to save a person's life was a good one. I can't tell you exactly what made it a good one, I only know that I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more.

I'm also anxious for some more Olivia and Peter action. Are they going to become a couple or what? Stop teasing me and let them hook up already. Walter Bishop continues to crack me up with his crazy antics but his smarts is amazing. I love that man!

Okay, that's enough from me for now...I talked too much and my fingers feel like they're going to fall off. But yeah, those are my thoughts. I'll be back soon.

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I haven't been watching VD. I've been watching CSI. Sarah came back so she can earny money while waiting for additional grant money. She plans on returning to grissom. :)

Alas, I haven't seen any of them.

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