Bones - The Toughman in the Tender Chicken  

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OMG!!!! Ok, click here or here for a recap.

Ok Case: guy who looks like a chicken is found dead. Turns out he was the owner of a chicken factory. His security guard killed him cause the owner wouldn’t give him gas mileage. The security’s guard wife was sick and so they moved to a different county where the wife got better.
Now to the important stuff. Angela and Wendell. I love Wendell. I think he’s yummy.

Angela and Brennan have a fight. Angela wants $1500 to save a piglet and asks Brennan to chip in. Brennan is like… naw. She doesn’t see the point in saving one little piglet. Angela gets mad and asks “Why are we even friends?” Which hurts Brennan.

Sweets think that the whole celibacy thing is getting to Angela and to maybe cut it short. She did inform Hodgins that her 6 months is almost up. Hint hint. Hodgins says sorry. She asks Wendell if wants to contribute to saving the piglet. He can’t, he has $40,000 in student loans to pay back. That he loves bacon, ribs and well in general meat. But he does give Angela $45. Angela is touched and they kiss. Really kiss.

Cam picks up on something between the two. What’s funny is Hodgin and Wendell conduct an experiment to figure out what killed the chicken guy. They ask Cam to help out and she replies, “"I don't twirl the interns. Perhaps Angela could do it..." ha ha.

Brennan, Sweets and Booth are having lunch. Booth asks Brennan what’s up. She mentions their fight. Booth says he’ll die for her, her’ll kill her for her, but he will not get involved. Brennan remarks she’s used to getting along with everyone.. or something like that. It makes Sweets about to ask “really?” But booth kicks him from underneath the table. I thought that was funny. But Booth reassures Brennan everything will be ok and there are some sweet handholding moments. Awww. Also funny, Sweets says based on Booth's comments that Booth did in fact come between two friends. Booth admitted coming between identical twin sisters. Nice.

Later Booth and Brennan are at a bar. Angela and Wendell are there too. After talking with Sweets and Booth, Brennan walks over to Angela and gives her money to save the piglet. Booth notices Wendell’s fingers brush against Angela’s shoulders and Booth smiles.

Ok.. I like Angela.. and I don’t blame her for being attracted to Wendell but I’m still confused about how her and Hodgins could just break up like that. And is she going after Wendell because he showed interest? If that’s the case, shame on you Angela. Someone on one of the discussion board said it best:

he turned angela down because she wanted sex not a relationship. thats angelas problem, maybe when she destroys wendell shell see the error of her ways

It makes sense. So again, we'll see what happens.

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