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Okay, seriously? This show is the bomb. I love it. I love that they don't focus solely on Rachel and Finn. I love that each show they showcase the other characters and they make the other characters more three dimensional and last night's episode was great!

I am a big Artie fan so I was excited to see him get his night to shine in the spotlight for a moment.

Moreover, I love Kurt and it was great to see him make that sacrifice for his Pops! As much as I like the adults, I love when the shows are more focused on the students because really, that's the heart of the show. Those kids and their glee club. Seriously, there was too much to love about last night's episode. There was all of the Artie goodness, his crush on Tina and Tina's kiss, Kurt and Rachel's diva-off for the solo on Defying Gravity, the Rachel and Finn moments (yay! I've missed seeing these two hanging out), seeing the depth of Puck's feelings for a totally undeserving Quinn, Kurt throwing the diva off so that he could protect his father from all of the gay bashing. My cup runneth over with all the Glee goodness from last night. I loved it!

The whole thing with Sue took me off guard. I wasn't expecting that because Sue is such a bitch but I'm glad that they humanized her. I wonder what's going to happen. I must have missed what happened with I forget the girl's name that she added to the Cheerios. Do you guys know what happened with her or what's going to happen with her? Do we know what Sue has up her sleeve?

My favorite part of the night was seeing the sensitive, trying to make everything work and be there for Quinn part of Puck. Since the beginning of the show, he's been such an ass and I was not a fan of him. Truth be told, he never even registered on my radar before the past couple of weeks and the more that we get to see of him, the more I love him. I can't get over how big of a bitch Quinn is. But even though we all know that Quinn is a bitch, how gorgeous is she now that she's not wearing that stupid ass Cheerios uniform?

I mean, look at her!

Now if only she wasn't such a bitch to both Finn and Puck then I'd probably like her better.

I really enjoyed the musical selections from last night's episode with a tie for my favorite being between Defying Gravity with Rachel and Kurt and then Artie's rendition of Dancing with Myself. Loved them both! Next week is going to be interesting to see Rachel developing a schoolgirl crush on Schuester, haha. I'm already laughing.

What was your favorite part of last night's Glee?

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I'm starting to fall in love with puck myself. I agree, he was a jerk and now... awwww. And did you see the look quinn gave him when Finn rolled away?

I loved the diva off and I wish they would have showed Rachel's face while Kurt was singing. I thought he did awesome. I was hoping he'd win. But when he failed to hit the high F and why he did it... awwwwww

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