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Starring: Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Djimou Hounsou.
Rating: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, brief strong language, smoking a scene of teen drinking.
Grade: B

The Division, a shadowy government agency, is genetically transforming citizens into an army of psychic warriors--and brutally disposing of those unwilling to participate. Nick Gant, a second-generation telekinetic or "mover," has been in hiding since the Division murdered his father more than a decade earlier. He has found sanctuary in densely populated Hong Kong--the last safe place on earth for fugitive psychics like him--but only if he can keep his gift a secret. Nick is forced out of hiding when Cassie Holmes, a 13-year-old clairvoyant or "watcher," seeks his help in finding Kira, an escaped "pusher" who may hold the key to ending the Division's program. Pushers possess the most dangerous of all psychic powers: the ability to influence others' actions by implanting thoughts in their minds. But Cassie's presence soon attracts the attention of the Division's human bloodhounds, forcing Nick and Cassie to flee for their lives. With the help of a team of rogue psychics, the unlikely duo traverses the seedy underbelly of the city, trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities as they search for Kira. But they find themselves square in the cross hairs of Division Agent Henry Carver, a pusher who will stop at nothing to keep them from achieving their goal.


I liked this movie. I didn't think I was going to because so many people thought it was just "meh" but despite it not being the BEST MOVIE OF 2009, I still enjoyed it. Chris Evans was the draw for me. I think he is super smexy and anything that he's in makes me curious enough to want to see. This movie had a lot of action, a lot of super powers that I wish I had and lots of things going on. It was kind of hard to keep everything in place when the whole movie was moving in different directions and I felt like the pushers were working their magic on me. It was kind of fun to be thrown all over the place but as a whole the movie was pretty good.

It was an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours on a bright, sunshiny Saturday afternoon and I'm glad that I watched it. Watching Chris Evans in action was a treat for me so any excuse to see him wielding cool powers is always a plus for me!

Would I recommend this movie? On who? All of my friends have already seen this movie so I'm sure nobody gives a crap anymore.

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I care cause I haven't seen it yet and had been hearing the same as you. This week I'll watch it!


I haven't seen it yet either! LOL

This was very cute and I enjoyed it much more than I thought!


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