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Former government operative Bryan Mills begins the longest 96-hours of his life--and the hunt for the fearsome organization that has taken his daughter Kim. Mills had only recently given up his government career as what he calls a preventer to be near Kim, who lives with Bryan's ex-wife Lenore and her new husband. To make ends meet, Bryan joins some former colleagues for special security details (like guarding a pop diva), but most of his time and energy are spent re-connecting with Kim. Bryan's familial goal is nearly derailed when Kim requests his permission to spend time in Paris with a friend. All too aware of the dangers that could lie ahead for Kim in a foreign land, Bryan says no, but Kim's disappointment leads him to very reluctantly relent. Bryan's worst fears are realized when Kim and her friend Amanda are suddenly abducted--in broad daylight--from the Paris apartment at which they've just arrived. Moments before Kim is dragged away by the as yet unseen and unknown assailants, she manages to phone Bryan, who begins to expertly piece together clues that will take him to the darkness of Paris's underworld, and to the City of Light's plushest mansions. He will face nightmares worse than anything he experienced in black ops--and let nothing and no one stop him from saving his daughter.

This movie was bad ass. That's all I can say. I wanted to watch this cause of Rowena's review and because our friends told us this movie is bad ass.

You have Bryan who retired from the CIA. He's trying to build a stronger relationship with his daughter after so many years of not being there. Despite him having to be away from his family, he always made sure to be there for his daughter, Kim's, birthday.

Kim asks Bryan if she can travel to Paris with her best friend Amanda. Byran is not comfortable with it but Kim needs his consent since she is under 18. She cries and leaves. His ex wife Lenore tells him he's being uptight. Finally Bryan says ok. But when he drops her off at the airport, he finds out Kim and Amanda are traveling Europe to attend U2's concert. And Lenore approved of it.

First of all.. Lenore is dumb. I don't know... maybe it's me but I wouldn't let my underage daughter travel all over the US let alone Eupore alone. I mean yeah you have to let your kid grow up sometime but still.

Anyways... Kim and Amanda arrive in Paris. They start chatting up with some French guy. Amanda is really stupid by telling him they are alone, where they are staying and showing him where they live and what floor. Didn't your mom tell you not to talk with strangers. Hello.

As Kim talks with her dad she witnesses Amanda's kidnapping. Bryan explains to her she will also be taken but to scream out everything she sees. Bryan goes into CIA agent mode and prepares to do everything he can to save his daughter. Turns out they were kidnapped by Albanian Mafia to be sold as prostitutes/sex slaves. Bryan ex cia buddy tells him the average window of finding these girls before they disappear is 96 hours.

So Bryan just swoops in and starts beating/killing people left and right. At one moment my husband and I looked at each other and said "damn, liam neeson is bad ass" I know I keep saying that but those are the only words I can think of to describe this movie. We really enjoyed this one. I really admire Bryan to doing everything he could to find and save his daughter.

If you get a chance watch this movie. Grade: B+/A-

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I totally agree. This movie was so bad ass that I need to watch it again but not this weekend because I've got a lot of movies to watch this weekend. I'm excited!

Great review sweetie. I thought the Mom was so stupid, I wanted to slap her ass!

I agree too - totally bad ass!

And it was a pleasant surprise to see Liam in that kind of role. I've never thought of him that way. And he's a good enough actor that his kicking ass left and right wasn't cheesy.

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