new releases on DVD for July 21  

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I want to go and rent the Watchmen but I keep renting movies and keeping them for weeks before remembering to take them back. And I sooo don't want to own some of these!!

But I can go and rent this and Push.


I want to see the Watchmen, but I know my younger brothers will want to watch it too, and I really don't think it's appropriate for them, so it'll have to wait.

As for Push, my family says it was just ok.

I'm all about Coraline because Neil Gaiman and I love the Nightmare Before Christmas. So I gotta see it!

I want to watch Watchmen too. I'll have to netflix it and if I see Coraline one more dang time, I'm going to choke someone. My daughter LOVES that movie.

Save yourself the 2 1/2 hours and skip Watchmen. Egads! Even the blue penis wasn't worth it ;)


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