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I'm addicted.

I first heard about this show before it started and I marked it down on my calendar (literally) so that I wouldn't forget to check it out when it came out.

I forgot to check it out when it first premiered.

But that didn't stop me from catching up online before watching the second episode and I'm so glad that I caught up because this show is too cute for words.

This TV show is about with a skinny model Deb who dies in a car accident on her way to an appointment and after a mix up in heaven, she thrown back down on earth into the body of a portly young lawyer named Jane. Jane was shot at work by an irate client of the firm's, she died as well. So now Deb's soul and memories are in Jane's body and Deb get an entirely new outlook on the life she had and the life she has now.

I'm really enjoying this show so far. There's been three episodes so far and they've been very enjoyable episodes. In the first episode, both Deb and Jane die and then Jane comes back to life with Deb's soul. We meet Deb and we see her living her life with her boyfriend, Grayson and we see how shallow she is and just how clueless she is about a lot of things. Then we meet Jane, who's very guarded and very work oriented and living an entirely different life than Deb. They come from two completely different worlds and to see them sharing a body, memories and makes for some very good entertainment.

In the second episode, we see Deb trying to find her way in Jane's world. She's trying to get over the fact that now that she's Jane, she has to stop being Deb. Everything and everyone that she knew and loved as Deb don't know her anymore. She sees her old self through new eyes and we see her deal with all of that. On top of turning her back on her old life, she has to deal with seeing Grayson at work Jane and not as Deb. You see, Jane got Grayson the job as a lawyer at her firm by putting in a good word for him and so now that Deb is in Jane's body, seeing Grayson everyday with all of their shared memories and him not knowing that she's Deb is killing her a little more everyday.

In the third episode, Deb came out more and more while she was supposed to be working as Jane. It got to be a bit annoying because Jane was in court and when she started crying, I wanted to smack the shit out of her. Alls well that ends well but you could totally tell that she was kind of falling apart at the seams. I'm very interested to see what happens next week so woo hoo, I only have three more days.

If you haven't seen this show then you should definitely pencil in the time to check it out. For all of your romantics out there, this show would definitely appeal to you. I promise! Check this show out!

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I'm hooked too- am really really diggin it, in a totally chick show typa way! (I'm so glad they rerun the eps at different times because I always end up missing it when it first airs!

I need to find this show - it's not playing in Canada. :(

But it sounds sooo interesting.

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