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My mom and dad watched this and they recommended the movie to us. First of all, my sister and I loved used to love watching WWF. Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, The Ultimate Warrior, Jake the "snake" Roberts, ravishing Rick rude.. yeah we loved watching wrestling. So watching this in a way brought back those childhood memories.


This is actually kind of a sad movie. You have Randy the Ram Robinson who used to be this great wrestler. Now he just wrestles on the weekends at local events. at one of the matches, he's pretty.. what's the word... not beat up but ... just kind of jacked up. He's bleeding, he has staples on his body and the doctors are pulling them out. When they are done, Randy throws up and passes out. He's had a heart attack.

The doctors say he should not wrestle anymore. It's too much for his heart. So randy tries to live a normal life. At the advice of a stripper he's befriend, he contacts his daughter. She wants nothing to do with him. But Randy asks for a chance and the daughter gives him one.

It looks like everything is going well for Randy until he forgets a dinner date with his daughter. She tells him that she can't handle how he's hurt her anymore and to stay out of her life. Randy had been trying to get closer to Pam/Cassidy, the stripper. But she doesn't want to let him in.

Randy decides to wrestle again. Pam follows him to the match and asks what about his heart. He says the real world is where he gets hurt. In the ring he's adored. While wrestling his last match you can tell he's having symptoms of another heart attack. Randy knows it too. His opponent says he'll take care of everything and tells Randy to pin him. But Randy climbs the rope to do his signature move. He looks up for Pam but she's left. You can see the tears in his eyes and you know he's accepted what's going to happen. As he jumps off the top rope it fades to black. Just like it did when Randy had his last heart attack.

It's a good movie and my heart went out to Randy. If you get a chance to watch this one you should. I give it a B.

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I thought it was an okay movie ... kinda depressing.

Marissa looks soooo hot ... I was so jealous as we are about the same age.

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