Movie Review: Zombieland  

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Starring: Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin
Genre: Comedic Suspense/Horror
Grade: B+

So Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland) plays Columbus, a nerdy zombie survivor who is trying to return home to find his family. Woody Harrelson plays Tallahassee, a lone wolf who doesn't let people get too close. And he's dang good at killing zombies. Columbus isn't too bad himself, what his ever expanding list of rules to zombie survival (double tap, no bathrooms, limber up, and cardio among them). Columbus catches a ride with Tallahassee and along the way, they get conned by two very smart ladies, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Their names are Wichita and Little Rock. Wichita and LR are on their way to Pacific Playland which they heard is a zombie free zone. They steal Columbus and Tallahassee's vehicle and weapons -which backfires on them- so they end up sticking together and learn how to survive as a team.

All right - my thoughts. I really enjoyed the heck out of Zombieland. I love zombie movies and throw in some humor and its golden. Sean of the Dead - I love it. Zombieland is really gory though - which works and is used for humor as well. Woody Harrelson is freaking hilarious (I haven't cried this hard since Titanic) and Jesse Eisenberg plays the hopeless nerd even better than Michael Cera (ooh snap! lol). The two ladies, Emma Stone (Superbad) and Abigail Breslin also do a good job of conwomen who trust no man. Bill Murray also has a hilarious cameo.

So if you like zombies and if you like to laugh, definitely check out Zombieland. It's not as dumb as it looks.

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I'm not a fan of zombie movies but the trailer for this looked good.

I LOVE zombie movies. LOL This was actually quite humorous. But if you don't like gore, don't see it. Even the opening sequence is gory.

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