Bones-The Plain in the Prodigy  

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Intern of the Week: Clark. Clark is all right but I don’t know. I know sometimes you just want to do your job and don’t want to get involved with office drama or gossip but Clark just seems meh.. Plus he was all whiny and complaining last night about working in the field. Suck it up clark!

Case of the Week: Bones of a teenage boy are found scattered along the railroad tracks. They determine they belong to Levi, a young Amish boy on his rumspringa. They visit his parents and discover a box with black and white rocks. As they leave, a young girl, Sarah, approaches Booth and Brennan. She seems scared and her brother, Amos, angrily orders her to come with him.

They visit a friend of Levi’s who was his roommate for the rumspringa. The friend is quite the party animal. He explains that Levi was always gone for hours at time. Even back at home, he would be gone saying he was working when the friend knew he wasn’t.

Sweets determines the out the rocks represent a piano. Levi was secretly taking piano lessons in town. The piano teacher advised Levi that while on his rumspringa to figure out if maybe music is his calling. By the way, Sweets started “playing” the titanic theme on the piano rocks cracked me up. “Even not hearing it, I hate that song,” Hodgins says. "Not the way I play it." Sweets replies. Ha ha.

Levi was extremely talented. They go to the music conservatory and discover it’s by the railroad tracks. The girl he was practicing with, Karen, explains she had given him a medal of some sort as good luck. She shows a video of Levi playing one of Chopin's’ nocturnes. She also recalls an Amish person confronting Levi and he seemed angry.

Sarah shows up. She says that Levi was courting her. Her brother had gone to talk to Levi. When he returned, he told her to move on from Levi. When she learned Levi was dead, she feared the worse.

They talk to Amos. Yes he did see Levi. Yes he was angry. But then Levi played Claire De Lune for him and he said it sounded like a sunrise. He wished Levi luck, hugged good bye and returned home. They look at Karen now. Looks like Levi’s hands were broken. Since Levi was her competition, is makes sense she did it. But nope, she didn’t do it.

Levi broke his own hands. He was planning on returning home and he didn’t want any temptation. But then some thief came by robbing the place. Levi tried to stop him from taking the gold medal and ended up getting pushed out of the balcony.

Booth and Brennan return to Levi’s home with a video of him playing Chopin’s nocturne to show his parents.

The other story going on, was Cam’s foster daughter, Michelle, asking to attend a dance with her boyfriend Perry. And stay out the entire night. Cam at first seems like whatever but then she catches them kiss really really passionately and begins to freak out they are having sex or planning on it.

Cam confronts Michelle who gets upset and storms out. She later returns and apologizes to Cam. She tells cam that yeah her boyfriend has mentioned sex but he’s waiting until she’s ready. While waiting to pick Michelle up for a date, Booth has a chat with Perry. No, I wouldn’t say chat. I would say scaring the crap out of Perry by mentioning he’s FBI and a sniper. If Perry didn’t treat Michelle right, Booth would find him. Nice.

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